It's not very popular.

Jan 30 MarcVH commented on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow vs. RNC BFF Bryan Fischer.
Jews voted for Obama over Romney 69-30; I guess they're trying to see if they can manage to make it even more lopsided.
Jan 27 MarcVH commented on Savage Sitcom Sells to ABC.
As a response to the TLC show it should be titled "My husband is gay... and so am I!"
Oct 31, 2014 MarcVH commented on SL Letter of the Day: Welcoming a New Reader to the "Savage Love" Family.
"They fought to give you the freedom to be a man who lives right and flies straight."

No matter how many times I hear this argument, it never fails to amuse me. Lots of people claim to love freedom, but only if people are using their freedoms in specific ways of which the speaker approves. Obviously this means they don't really love freedom at all; they love conformity and order.

Soldiers died to establish and protect the Constitution, and the Constitution says you can stick things up your butt if you want to. The courts have been very clear on this.
Oct 31, 2014 MarcVH commented on Mars Hill Church to Dissolve Into "Autonomous Self-Governed Entities".
497 years to the day after Reformation Day, another richly-deserved schism.
Oct 20, 2014 MarcVH commented on When the Midterm Elections Are Done, Politics Are Only Going to Get Dumber.
You do realize the article you cited said that Paul and Christie had a "Penthouse Forum" at a place owned by "Woody Johnson". I wish this were satire.
Sep 29, 2014 MarcVH commented on Youth Pastor Watch: Strong Connections.
Re the second story, Vincennes is in Indiana, not California (however much its residents may wish otherwise.)
Sep 17, 2014 MarcVH commented on The Dirty Secret of Electric Cars.
Guys, let's think this through. Electricity is fungible and both these utilities connect to the same power grid and exchange electricity with other utilities (notably the BPA.) It's entirely possible, for example, that your Seattle-charged Tesla causes BPA to have less power to sell to PSE, which means they must turn up Colstrip to make up the difference.
Aug 13, 2014 MarcVH commented on Ferguson Police Release Statement Telling Protesters Not to Assemble After Sundown.
Ferguson is now a Sundown Town? Wow.
Jun 25, 2014 MarcVH commented on A Note About This Week's "Savage Love".
This is surprisingly common in Savage Love letters -- a letter launches in talking about "my boyfriend" without first mentioning basic information like "I am a straight woman." I don't know if that's because that's how their written or if the info is lost in editing.
May 28, 2014 MarcVH commented on What Do You Think of Google's Self-Driving Car?.
If you thought taxi drivers were upset about Uber, just wait until they get a load of this.

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