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Jul 8, 2010 SDgolden commented on The Burlesque Shoah.
@38: what an interesting comment. Is this a blanket statement that women who do burlesque have low self esteem? Since you apologized, though I have no desire to attack that comment, I do think it's a very interesting to think about.

I would encourage anyone who believes the statement in #38 to meet some of my peers then. It takes a lot of brass ovaries to do what we do, and though I could never say that a woman hasn't gotten on stage to battle their self esteem issues, I would argue, that those performers don't last for very long.
Jul 8, 2010 SDgolden is all about the sunshine these days. And climbing trees. .
Jul 8, 2010 SDgolden commented on The Burlesque Shoah.
I look at our burlesque scene a lot like the music scene in general. A lot of people like it, and they want to try it. So they take some classes (some don't-maybe they wing it) and then they start a band.

It's like any other entertainment form containing self expression-there are good entertainers, mediocre ones, and bad ones. And sometimes, even with years of dedication and training-you might not end up being a good entertainer. Like technically sound guitar teachers might be able to play-but not perform, and a singer without any formal training wins entertainment awards.

Many people take off their clothes (in fact-we all do), but some people do it in ways that touch people in 2 sexy places-their brains and their groins.

With nudity being thrown in though, we will probably continue to see an influx (and continuation) of not-so-entertaining burlesque. Conversely, a few of those newbies will be awesome, and will grow to be excellent entertainers.

Because it hasn't been widely reviewed, besides by The Weekly complaining about muffin tops and tiny blurbs here and there, a lot of people don't seem to understand that there is a difference between entertaining burlesque and not-so-entertaining burlesque. There is burlesque that seems to only cater to the performers themselves (their needs and wants), and burlesque that serves to entertain its crowds.

However, how do we "rank" performers? Where do "newbies" get their feet wet? How candid are we to be with our students about how they entertain? Who gives any of us permission to say? A lot of shows audience power is based on friends and family. Because we are a grassroots type of art-form self produced and funded-only our friends and family and social networks are in the know. Sometimes, in some settings, a check in with our audience as to whether we are really entertaining is impossible. Akin to 4th grade recitals. Also, when nudity is involved the "honesty level" fluctuates. "Wonderful" could really mean "it was ok"-because many people are unwilling to simply not say anything, or to say their thoughts. We can only encourage each other to give compliments when they are truly genuine and to give constructive criticism when asked.

I did wonder if you weren't a little harsh on the traditional form-I've seen a lot of lovely performers, many of them local-that don't need a concept or a discussion to be entertaining. I would encourage people who might be a little disappointed in "traditional" styles to do some more research. I do think you can do an original "traditional" strip tease-and be entertaining. The singing of the National Anthem is traditional and route-but Marvin Gaye's version is somehow "original" and still "traditional".

I do agree that concept heavy burlesque can be more intellectually stimulating-but when it's done poorly-while we are having conversations about the concept, sometimes we often wonder if we were entertained. I'm glad that Dan seemed to find some burlesque containing thoughtfully executed concepts.

It's important above all else as an entertainer to be entertaining, and to hold your audiences good time as utmost important. This holds whether you are doing a concept heavy act or a traditional strip tease.

I appreciate Mr. Savage's attending all the shows he could get to (or heard about), rather than the standard sit in back for one drink and then make glossy statements about feminist movements and un-original arguments about burlesque vs. stripping.

As a performer who was in two shows this last weekend-at Burlesque Behind the Pink Door (I'm also producer) and The Atomic Bombshells-this is the first review that I've looked at for longer than 2 seconds and has left me with some good things to discuss with myself and my peers about what makes a good entertainer or a good show.

Thanks for creating a thought provoking article-and for calling for a quality standard.

Jan 29, 2010 SDgolden commented on Friday Night Fetch: Dandy.
you can also read more about Kevin here:…
Dec 3, 2009 SDgolden commented on Homo for the Holidays: An Interview With Ben DeLaCreme.
Yay Ben!
I can't wait to see this show on Friday.

Sydni Deveraux
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Nov 4, 2009 SDgolden commented on Bar Exam.
This show is such a delight to watch and be a part of! Producers Indigo Blue and Xavier Frost are doing such a wonderful job of bringing burlesque to a new place!
Oct 13, 2009 SDgolden commented on Burlesque, Very Rare.
@21 and perhaps I shouldn't be worried because you clearly can't afford my show anyway.
Oct 13, 2009 SDgolden commented on Burlesque, Very Rare.
@21: I don't think I'm the kind of girl you'd like to mess with.