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Dec 4, 2012 BurlyGirl commented on What You're Not Wearing: Drag Queen Edition!!.
This is brutal. Like asking someone which one of their kids is their favorite. When you love them ALL. SO. MUCH.
Oct 20, 2010 BurlyGirl commented on Control Tower.
Humans are not monogamous animals. Nature. Although more intelligent and evolved than some species, still not a monogamous species. Until we evolve differently emotionally or physically, it's just part of our nature we have to live with. The end.
Oct 13, 2009 BurlyGirl joined My Stranger Face
Oct 13, 2009 BurlyGirl commented on Burlesque, Very Rare.
Wow! It's not like someone took your money and didn't deliver. No one's asking you to attend if you don't want to.
And #4...go Eff Yourself. Seriously.
I perform burlesque. Locally and nationally. I am an award winning performer. I teach burlesque. I love it and I love what it does for the women who perform. I love what it does for our audience. I also have closets (multiple) FULL of silks, satins, feathers, tulle, rhinestones, sequins, gowns, jewels, more gowns, furs, and other finery that contribute to my burlesque persona. Along with hours upon months of act development and dance rehearsal. So take that to Rick's and shove it up your...
If the VENUE has chosen to present this event and hire these stunning performers to entertain it's guests, then I am sure they have an audience lined up. Those of you so insulted by this presentation of the arts, both stage and culinary, I'm sorry you are so inconvenienced.
Seattle is a metropolis. If someone wants to present a high standard of arts and entertainment, it only raises the worth of our city. I have had many $150 meals in this town and most of them didn't include the fabulousness of the show about to happen here.