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Nov 16 paulus22 commented on What Is Dabbing? And Should You Do It?.
A long time ago, my friend and I went up to Vancouver when we heard they opened a shop that sold weed even though it was technically illegal. It was called "Da Kine". We were both relatively noob weed smokers at the time. We walked in and were overwhelmed with the fact that there was really a STORE that had shelves of weed for sale. It was super cheesy...blacklights and mushroom paintings...but perfect. I wanted to get enough herb to roll a couple joints. My friend talked me into getting something they called 'Budder', which at the time I didn't know was a dab. The budtender talked it up as the best thing ever. So we hit it in their in-store smoking room. They gave each of us a pea-sized dab, which was most of the problem.

After, we sat down at the table in the place and decided to write for a while as it kicked in. In about thirty seconds, it kicked in massively. I couldn't write; my words smeared sideways and I couldn't get them to look normal. I looked across the table at my friend, and he looked like he was dying; pale, sunken eyes, fear in his face. I noticed he wasn't breathing. I freaked out, took his hands in mine, and got him to breathe in and out slowly with me. We were beyond baked. He says that an EMT came in and people were saying that he was dead (but that didn't actually happen, it was a hallucination). In any case, we couldn't stay there any more, we were too freaked out. So we walked, scared, back to where we parked our car, laid down on a little grass hill in someone's yard, and tried to get out of freakout mode. It took a good hour before we were not scared and in fear of death. We were high the rest of the day, REALLY high.

Needless to say, this was a particularly bonding experience that we had together and hindsight makes it a fond memory, but we both did not enjoy it at the time. I would NOT recommend this method to anyone who is not a serious pothead. Since, I've definitely become a regular user, but I still don't think I would do it again. It was NOT fun being that high. Not fun at all.
Nov 16 paulus22 commented on The Resistance: How to Defeat Donald Trump's Plot Against America.
@3: The anti-intellectualism in middle America needs to stop. Smart people don't need to quit being smart.
Nov 16 paulus22 commented on The Resistance: How to Defeat Donald Trump's Plot Against America.
Thank you, Stranger Staff, for keeping us sane during this bizarre moment in history. Stay focused on these issues. Keep speaking to the truth about this. Keep it in print. It helps keep us vigilant and engaged. We must. Fix. This.
Nov 15 paulus22 commented on "Awash in False Conspiracy Theories and Petulant Immaturity, Liberals Put Trump in the White House".
Since I vividly remember the outcome of the 2000 election and the role that Nader played in all of that (ugh), my main goal before the election was to try to help some of my younger facebook friends see the error of their thinking regarding Hillary, the DNC and the third-party vote. I used sane, rational argumentation, evidence, and many of the same points about Bernie that the author used above.

It didn't work. At all.

The far left was just as blinded by their media bubble and just as passionate against Hillary as the right.

All of the things I feared came to pass. I wish some of them would have listened to sanity and reason.

I tried.
Nov 15 paulus22 commented on Drinking Local Beer Is a Way to Stick It to Trump While Sticking Together.
Great article. Thanks for highlighting local brews. I do fear, however, that there are quite a few folks who are Trump lovers in our city now. With great income comes heavy leaning toward Republican tax breaks. Be safe and don't get too shitfaced, or there could be some violence in these great pubs.
Nov 9 paulus22 commented on Good Morning, America. Welcome To Your White Supremacy.
...and us white folks that are as sickened and broken by this decision need to step up even more than we ever have and help.
Oct 26 paulus22 commented on Watch: Pussy Riot's New Video for "Straight Outta Vagina".
This is so fucking good.
Oct 24 paulus22 commented on Elizabeth Warren: "Get This, Donald. Nasty Women Are Tough. Nasty Women Are Smart. And Nasty Women Vote.".
The election isn't over until actual votes are cast. I'm seriously concerned that the pre-vote hype will cause people to not vote and for Trump to make some gains. I'm also concerned that the polls are not accurate...that Trump supporters are staying quiet but will show up at the ballot. We still need to keep up the pressure.
Oct 20 paulus22 commented on Two Thousand Seattle Teachers Wore Black Lives Matter Shirts to Schools.
1) There were way more than 2000 teachers wearing shirts yesterday. At my school, we wore shirts that were from our Black Student Union, not the ones that the article talks about. I know that other schools made similar choices. I'd put the number closer to 3000, perhaps more. It was a really powerful, symbolic visual show of support, and I'm proud to have participated in it.
2) This is about way more than wearing a shirt. The institutional racism, especially toward black and latinx students, needs to stop. I know that there are many factors outside of the school that contribute to these performance discrepencies, and many of them are HUGE factors. Yet, we still approach education from a dated, middle-class perspective generally. It's hard to argue against the sad fact that black students are kicked out of school at much higher rates than other groups. There ARE things we can improve in public education. There is also a lot that communities can do to improve as well.
3) Commentor Comitatus: I can't even. I wish you'd quit adding your spiteful, disturbing, intentionally offensive comments to every thread. If you can't see that #blacklivesmatter is an important movement for our time that is bringing attention to issues that need attention, that the 'thugs' you speak about are a super small minority and not really part of the movement, and that there are DEFINITIVELY multiple systemic problems that add to people of color having it much harder in our country (including schools and police), you are not nearly as smart as you think you are. Rather than call out people who are trying to help, why don't you do something more than blame the victims. You rancid piece of fucking shit.
Oct 18 paulus22 commented on The Strange Phenomenon of Women Who Vote Trump.
My aunt is a very conservative person. She moved her family from Seattle to northern Idaho to get away from the liberal cesspool that she sees in this city so her kids could grow up in an environment where God wasn't actively removed from everything.

She initially supported Ben Carson in this election, and would often talk about how horrible Trump was. She even said she would never support him. But she does now. Vehemently.

I think there are two major reasons that push her in this direction.

First, her blind obedience to Christianity. Actually, I think a lot of uber-conservatives fall into this category, male or female. But probably even more for females because of the preaching of subservience that involves women in extreme conservative Christianity. I honestly believe that people that are intensely wrapped up in 'belief' are more easily duped out of rational thought. Christians are taught to not question the book. Often, I think that leads to not questioning much else.

Second, the conservative news media does an incredible job of 'preaching' to these folks. They become so blind to alternative perspectives that they treat them as blasphemous.

The combo of religious brainwashing and zealous conservative punditry is where Trump's 'deplorables' come from. IMHO.

And I was really sad when she got on the Trump bandwagon. I thought she's be true enough to her conservative ideals to ignore the media and vote her conscience. I was wrong.