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Oct 29, 2012 trannymike commented on How Many Stamps Does It REALLY Take to Mail in My General Election Ballot?.
Here (…) is a oregon newspaper that has more details the USPS's position on not using a stamp.
Jul 4, 2012 trannymike commented on Queerview Mirror: Free CeCe.
This isn't the first time that i have heard about CeCe McDonald. I heard about her via a story posted on

Here is a link to a MotherJones article about her case:…

From the article: But as the jury was being selected for the trial on May 2, McDonald accepted a plea offer of second-degree manslaughter, which is likely to result in a 41-month prison sentence. In accepting the plea, McDonald had to give up her claim that she'd killed Schmitz in self-defense or by accident and had to forego a jury trial.
Jul 15, 2010 trannymike commented on Whoa.
@2 The guy on the far left is a cap hill regular who is involved with Gothic Pride Seattle as well as other civic organizations.
May 22, 2010 trannymike commented on Gay Couple in Malawi Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison....

Just to let you know, they are not a gay couple. They are a straight couple, one is a mtf, the other is a guy. That doesn't sound like a gay couple to me.

So please quit calling them a gay couple.

Here is a Url for it:
Mar 30, 2010 trannymike commented on Move Over, Jared.
I saw her in the tv ad version for the taco bell diet. If you pause the tv and actually read the fine print, the weight loss actually took two years. to lose the 54 pounds.

If you read the text ad the bottom of the window about 20-25% in of the vid found at this URL:…
Mar 17, 2010 trannymike commented on Please Go To Reddit And....
@ 1, 3 and 15

I am a Reddit subscriber and it is not a spam site, it is not filled with just geeks that read "xkcd", and old people.

I have belonged to Reddit for several months now and have never been spammed. I do not read xkcd, am not a spammer, or am old (33yo this year).

I suggest that people do not type about a subject (Reddit) when they do not know anything about it.
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Oct 15, 2009 trannymike commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day.
I am a fat pre-op ftm (resembling a gay bear) and it is incredibly easy to get laid by guys off of CL. I have no chest, but since I have a pussy and wanting FBs, guys that are way more attractive than me answer my ad.