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Apr 28, 2016 unregistered commented on The Perils of Quirkiness and the Beacon Hill Library.
First time on the SLOG in like a year, first post I read is an anti-Beacon Hill Library post from Charles Mudede. Classic repetitive Mudede!

And sadly vacuous. Good job Charles. Your multi-prong attack of the the Beacon Hill Branch is nothing but consistent.
Oct 5, 2010 unregistered commented on Strangercrombie Wants to Know: Who Is Your Favorite Local Charity?.
BikeWorks !


Not only does this non-profit help turn the youth of today into positive bike-pedaling, non-poluting, rad adults of tomorrow, it's run by some of the most dedicated, overextended, underpayed, and wonderfully fun staff. Adults too benefit from bike repair classes, plus I'm thinking it's the only bike repair shop south of the city. Check 'em out.
Jul 29, 2010 unregistered commented on The Rise of Troy (and Mackenzie).
I found this on facebook, and it made me laugh (link above.)

I ♥ Troy Nelson Filling in for John In The Morning Fan Club
Jul 26, 2010 unregistered commented on What We Should Do for Bikes in Seattle.
Bike Lane On Westlake Now !!!!!
Dec 9, 2009 unregistered commented on Thoughts About Elliott Bay Book Company.
so torn...

saddened by the movement of ebbco from its iconic place in pioneer square. saddened by this this seemingly stop-gap measure to slow the death of the printed word on paper.

unfortunately, books are dead. if not by predicted by 30 year olds, this will be confirmed by their 20 year old counterparts... future consumers will carry around their kindles or tablets or whatnot. books aren't more than a future version of ephemera.

(confidential to peter: invest in real-estate! something tangible! you are too kind of a poetry-loving soul, too nice of a human being to be brought down by technology! the future is writ, and unfortunately the bricks and mortar bookstore will folllow the book. get out while you can... )
Nov 22, 2009 unregistered commented on Late Returns.
definitely a nice read, excluding how it exudes of self-importance while playing up the author's role in seattle's near past politics.

oh and you're working on a film? how many times could you shoehorn that into an article about the seattle's mayoral election? i guess apparently at least three times ...
Nov 2, 2009 unregistered commented on A Bad Thing Going.
go fuck yourself, charles. our old library on beacon hill was a run-down storefront...