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Oct 19, 2011 ladynuca commented on Savage Love.
shitting eggs? was that really necessary?
Sep 9, 2011 ladynuca commented on Savage Love.
"bedding lovelies?"
Jan 27, 2010 ladynuca commented on Gay Men, Monogamy and Joy Behar.
The concept of monogamy evolved so that bloodlines could be passed down from father to son. If women were not forced by society to be monogamous, there was no way for men to know who the father of the child was.

It is only relatively recently that men are expected to be monogamous too.

I am a woman in a heterosexual relationship and we are nonmonogamous. It has been wonderful for our sex life and our marriage. I would encourage more straight couples to try it!
Oct 18, 2009 ladynuca joined My Stranger Face
Oct 18, 2009 ladynuca commented on Savage Love.
Pulling out IS a form of birth control. When done consistently, it is almost as effective as condoms.