Aug 22, 2013 cbatson commented on You Never Should (See) My Bloody Valentine and Lumerians at Showbox Sodo.
Your review was almost too nice. I'm not sure that I've ever been to a worse sounding show than the one last night.
Jun 20, 2013 cbatson commented on Can I Just Talk for a Minute About How Much I Dislike the Supreme Court?.
If someone can tell me a reason that the Justices shouldn't be appointed to 18 year terms (with each presidential term getting to select 2) I'd love to hear it. Lifetime appointments just seem ridiculous to me.
Jan 28, 2013 cbatson commented on The Cave Singers at Hi-Fidelity in Bremerton.
Disbanding of Fleet you mean hiatus or actual disbanding?
Jan 22, 2013 cbatson commented on HBO To Produce TV Documentary About Pussy Riot?.
Don't worry, they bought the rights to a film that had already been filmed. It's a documentary that screened at Sundance, not a hypothetical drama based on the events. No casting couches necessary.
Sep 24, 2012 cbatson commented on The Raveonettes and Melody's Echo Chamber.
"the Swans"
Aug 20, 2012 cbatson commented on Rangda - "Majnun".
Rangda is great and all but can Chasny please talk the other guys in Comets on Fire into getting back together?

Also, I may be wrong on this but aren't the guys in Rangda all Seattle based?
Jul 20, 2012 cbatson commented on I Have Never Been to Capitol Hill Block Party.
I wanted to jokingly turn this into a sensational admission ala NPR intern who doesn't buy music but the joke just isn't coming to me.

real suggestions: get a 21+ wristband early cause the lines become a big hassle later in the day, show up to any neumos sets you wanna see before they start playing because the place gets packed pretty easily, there is more room near the front of the mainstage but you have to get past the bottleneck the 21+ area creates, Don't go into the Cha Cha Lounge basement sober, Make sure to go into the Cha Cha Lounge basement at some point
Apr 26, 2012 cbatson commented on Never Heard of 'Em: Sonic Youth.
I'm glad you liked the album but whoever is picking these for you is being especially cruel. Just about every single Sonic Youth record is a better introduction than Confusion is Sex.
Apr 25, 2012 cbatson commented on Music News for Today, April 25th 2012.
Chris Martin of MMJ? Are you sure about that?
Feb 17, 2012 cbatson commented on Dear MTV: Now That You're Backing the It Gets Better Project, Can You Please Stop Giving VMAs and Airtime to Artists Who Use Gay Slurs?.
I'm not going to try to defend odd future, but I think even their biggest detractors should take note of the fact that their existence has brought this discussion to the forefront of pop culture. Would it be better if we continued to have 16 year olds throwing around slurs in private at their high school or is it beneficial to have it be in public where everyone can tell them how offensive it is? Odd Future is not the first place that kids are hearing these slurs, it's just the only place that we hear about it. We should be appreciating the fact that the unanimous response is to condemn the actual content of the words. The debate isn't whether these statements are correct, it's whether there is artistic justification to use them.