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Nov 30, 2012 alicepenguin commented on The Ugly History of Cooking.
#2, thanks for saying what I'm thinking more level-headededly than I would have if I had to type it out.

Just because someone is talented at cooking does not mean that they can or should get a job in the restaurant/food services industry. There are too many other factors.
Mar 16, 2012 alicepenguin commented on Now That Blockbuster No Longer Occupies the Building at 1514 Broadway....
I'd talk to these guys after they've been open long enough to make a decision on "beer and wine in the evenings."
Mar 7, 2012 alicepenguin commented on What Do You Think of the Rick Santorum Song?.
I said I wasn't going to watch that shit, but then I was intrigued by the mental image of the Indigo Girls post-ex-gay camp... so I watched it. And that's pretty much what it is.
Dec 13, 2011 alicepenguin commented on Hell Hath No Fury Like a Graham-Cracker Construction Worker Scorned.
Hm. Somehow I thought it was only me who believed that the composition of graham crackers had secretly changed over the last 20 years.
Aug 31, 2011 alicepenguin commented on Deeply Embarrassed White People Talk Awkwardly About Race.
@6: Someone had to tell you you're racist sometime. That's what college is for.
Mar 1, 2011 alicepenguin commented on She Wuz Robbed.
Ah, fuck, I didn't realize that would be a link. Clearly I meant
Mar 1, 2011 alicepenguin commented on She Wuz Robbed.
Damn it, Dan. Wasn't there a day when you didn't have a TV and had to watch it on the day after it aired? Have some respect.
Mar 2, 2010 alicepenguin commented on Chew on This.
Before I read the post, I thought the shape on the left was a piece of Bazooka Gum.
Mar 2, 2010 alicepenguin joined My Stranger Face
Oct 21, 2009 alicepenguin commented on Mysteries of Pullman, Part 3.
If anything, I would have read it as "Bill Clinton" (all of him) and "Dave Reichert's sperm" (sperm only).