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Apr 19, 2016 longball commented on John Hodgman Endorses Hillary Clinton.
@37 - But he has brought people over to his side. Despite being the remaining candidate with by far the least name recognition entering the race, he has brought millions of supporters to his side. He is labeled a socialist in a country that has decided the word "liberal" is a slander and yet he has been a viable candidate with millions of supporters behind him. Not convincing your 99 colleagues in the United States fucking Senate to go along with your ideas is not a failure to bring people to your side, its a triumph of refusing to pander to 99 of the biggest assholes on the planet. His courage to not blow with the prevailing winds, but to stand firm on his principles is not a weakness. Further more, without a democratic house OR senate, Hilary is not going to get a single worthwhile thing done either. This idea that Hilary some kind of whiz who is going to get all kinds of pols to join her in getting shit done is just baffling.

That said, Im with @15.
Apr 15, 2016 longball commented on Richard Linklater Goes Back to School with Everybody Wants Some!!.
@1 - There were really 2 protagonists in Dazed and Confused and the author is referring to the younger one who just finished Jr. High and gets hazed by the high schoolers at one of his baseball games where he is pitching.
Apr 5, 2016 longball commented on What If More of Today's Bernie Sanders Supporters Had Voted in the 2014 Midterm Elections?.
Poor Barney Frank, he got it all backwards. What the young Bernie supporters are saying is if you want our votes, you need to be putting up more candidates like Bernie. The Democrats have by far the larger constituency of supporters, but they have been drifting right on their policy positions for 2 1/5 decades and still expect us all to march off to the polls dutifully and put our X by the D candidate. Franks attitude is exactly why the party with the much larger coalition of voters was only in charge of one of the branches of government.
Apr 5, 2016 longball commented on Bernie Sanders Allies Criticize His Campaign's Failures, Including a Lack of Early Outreach to Black Voters.
Bottom line, If you had a time machine and went back 1 year and told your one-year-ago self that in April '16 Bernie Sanders would be giving the Hilary machine a run for its money in the primary and seriously threatening the coronation, your one-year-ago self would be completely fucking astonished. And now we are talking about Bernie's "failures"?

As for black voters, they are, and always have been our smartest voting block. They always turn out for the democrat at 80-90% or more, never vote against their own interests like poor whites ALWAYS do and they do not fiddle around with boutique candidates that tempt liberal, upper class whites, like Nader. Hilary has the name recognition, campaign machinery and war chest to win a general and they know losing is not an option. If Bernie ever became a viable candidate in the general, it was well after the south had voted. I support Bernie, but I cannot argue with America's most pragmatic voting bloc. If black voters are preferring Clinton by big margins, they have my attention.
Jan 29, 2016 longball commented on Bernie Bros: Same Old Trolls, Brand New Name?.
@1 - good try, but there is a reason the ugliness radiating from the Republican base is reflected so strongly in the leading candidates, while Bernie is close to being the complete opposite of these a-holes. Among democrats these kinds of jerks are loud and vocal, but very much a minority. Not so much on the right. You'd have to search a bit to find these guys at a Bernie rally, but you wouldn't be able to find anything BUT these guys at a trump rally.

But I do feel for you. False equivalencies are the last bastion of apologists for the right.
Oct 29, 2015 longball commented on Thank God I Never Have to Roll Another Joint.
No waste... just put a crutch in your spliff.
Oct 9, 2015 longball commented on How to Cut a Handgun in Half with a Chop Saw.
How to tell when a Stranger article hits a nerve... when the comments section is flooded with first timers who are clearly unhinged lunatics. So good job today, Stranger. Bating these loons into coming out of their bunkers and spilling their vile idiocy all over the interwebs for everyone on the fence to see is one way that sanity will ultimately prevail in this struggle.
Oct 6, 2015 longball commented on Seahawks Win Weird Game Weirdly.
Daryl Bevel has been the beneficiary of this teams success. During his tenure our only effective offense has been the result of having the two best players in the league at creating something out of nothing. Once again this team is asking way, way too much from the defense and they just keep delivering, regardless. It is hard to imagine how we muster enough from this offense to beat a loaded cincy team, but then again, if I was any other team, I would not want to play the Hawks this week. Sure, they won, but all they are going to hear all week is how lucky they were and how bad they are.

The catch 22 about these wins is that even though they expose the ineptitude of our offensive coordinator, losses are the only thing that will force the organizations hand to make the necessary change.
Oct 2, 2015 longball commented on All the Mumbled, Noncomittal Shrugging from Presidential Candidates about Gun Control Is Depressing.
@2 - Well I guess you can't read, then (shocker, a gun nutter who fails reading comprehension). Wherever I look these days the very people you are insulting are putting forth all kinds if ideas for reducing gun violence. Its you and your ilk who are "blathering" about nothing. What is your big idea? shrug your shoulders? Pray? More guns? The truth is you just don't give a shit. So I guess in some way I have more respect for the "zealouts" in your camp who are at least honest and admit they just dont give a shit. Just because your lizard brain can't come up with some solutions to this problem doesn't mean that a lot of people who are a hell of a lot smarter and more compassionate than you can't.
Aug 28, 2015 longball commented on I Can't Deal With "Downtown" Either, but Can We Talk About Macklemore with a Bit of Nuance?.
Oh lordy, brace yourself for the parade of haters!