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Oct 29 longball commented on Thank God I Never Have to Roll Another Joint.
No waste... just put a crutch in your spliff.
Oct 9 longball commented on How to Cut a Handgun in Half with a Chop Saw.
How to tell when a Stranger article hits a nerve... when the comments section is flooded with first timers who are clearly unhinged lunatics. So good job today, Stranger. Bating these loons into coming out of their bunkers and spilling their vile idiocy all over the interwebs for everyone on the fence to see is one way that sanity will ultimately prevail in this struggle.
Oct 6 longball commented on Seahawks Win Weird Game Weirdly.
Daryl Bevel has been the beneficiary of this teams success. During his tenure our only effective offense has been the result of having the two best players in the league at creating something out of nothing. Once again this team is asking way, way too much from the defense and they just keep delivering, regardless. It is hard to imagine how we muster enough from this offense to beat a loaded cincy team, but then again, if I was any other team, I would not want to play the Hawks this week. Sure, they won, but all they are going to hear all week is how lucky they were and how bad they are.

The catch 22 about these wins is that even though they expose the ineptitude of our offensive coordinator, losses are the only thing that will force the organizations hand to make the necessary change.
Oct 2 longball commented on All the Mumbled, Noncomittal Shrugging from Presidential Candidates about Gun Control Is Depressing.
@2 - Well I guess you can't read, then (shocker, a gun nutter who fails reading comprehension). Wherever I look these days the very people you are insulting are putting forth all kinds if ideas for reducing gun violence. Its you and your ilk who are "blathering" about nothing. What is your big idea? shrug your shoulders? Pray? More guns? The truth is you just don't give a shit. So I guess in some way I have more respect for the "zealouts" in your camp who are at least honest and admit they just dont give a shit. Just because your lizard brain can't come up with some solutions to this problem doesn't mean that a lot of people who are a hell of a lot smarter and more compassionate than you can't.
Aug 28 longball commented on I Can't Deal With "Downtown" Either, but Can We Talk About Macklemore with a Bit of Nuance?.
Oh lordy, brace yourself for the parade of haters!
Jul 23 longball commented on Today I Got Pulled Over for Driving While Black.
I think its entirely possible that this was not a case of DWB, however that should not be the point. While Ijeoma admits she doesn't know for sure, neither does anyone who thinks it was not. But all of us who have ever been pulled over in a routine traffic stop and felt annoyance, frustration, but nothing resembling FEAR, should listen to what she is saying and ask ourselves, how would we feel if these were our thoughts in a traffic stop?

I have received one speeding ticket ever and the circumstances were interesting. I too was in the middle of a pack of cars on I90 and when the speed limit changed from 70 to 65, a cop pulled out behind us and 6 or 7 cars pulled over to the side. He then cruised slowly along the shoulder looking into each car. My passengers and I were 3 scruffy looking college guys and the cop very deliberately chose us to pull in behind us. He waved all the other cars back onto the road and then proceeded to give us a pretty thorough interrogation and eventually a speeding ticket. I've always assumed he chose us as a combination of appearing the most likely to have something else going on besides speeding, but also because we were young and in a beater of a car so we probably had less recourse to defend ourselves against any over-policing on his part. I have always been struck by a couple things: 1. I am certain if there had been anyone of color in any of the other cars, we would have been sent on our way with the other drivers. 2. Even though we felt like we were being singled out, we were never afraid. I was irritated at the cop, but not once did I even consider the possibility that this encounter would harm me in any way. I was not conscious of it at the time, but the shield of me and my friends whiteness made us feel very safe and secure.
Jul 21 longball commented on A Few Weird, Wonderful, and Grotesque Memories from the Old Spaghetti Factory.
I am not ashamed to confess my love of OSF. I grew up in a family that was as rube as could be when it came to dining and OSF was one of the most interesting places their wonder bread pallets could endure. In my mind it was super duper fancy and getting to go to one was an occasion. I used to seek them out in motel phone books when we were on road trips so we wouldn't have to eat Arby's AGAIN. When we were really little it was especially thrilling to get to sit inside one of the cabooses. I once met guy who restored those things for OSF and I lauded him for all the enchantment he had bestowed on kids like me.

Thanks for the memories, OSF.
Jul 21 longball commented on Trump Is King Shit of Primary Campaign Mountain.
@4 - great point, because Trump meant exactly that. You know Trump, that dirty 'ol vietnam war hatin hippy.
Jul 8 longball commented on City Council President Tim Burgess Proposes a Gun Tax to Fund Hospital Program for Victims of Gun Violence.
@2 - Not a bad idea. A few times now some gun nuts who thought they were clever cited automobile casualty statistics at me with the whole "why don't we just ban cars too?" argument. They think its a big gotcha. Of course the simple answer to them is that I am totally fine requiring all gun owners to be licensed, be of a certain age, have their guns registered and be insured.