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Feb 16, 2016 Stewie Griffin commented on Bernie's More Popular than Ever, So Why Is He Still Losing So Badly?.
@34, if Matt has a large penis the Stranger won't get rid of him. At least that's been the rumor of getting/keeping jobs over there
Jun 3, 2015 Stewie Griffin commented on What Seattle Will Look Like After 2050 If We Don't Get Real About Climate Change.
Washington Water for Washingtonians!!!
Jun 2, 2015 Stewie Griffin commented on Capitol Hill Block Party Completes 2015 Lineup with Addition of Father John Misty, Girlpool, and More.
THANK GOD!! It's been 20 minutes since The Stranger posted something as an advertisement for something!!
Jun 2, 2015 Stewie Griffin commented on Caitlyn Jenner Debuts On the Cover of Vanity Fair.
@76, the only thing this matriarch of one of the most despicable reality TV families did that contributes to society is coming out as transgendered in an expensive and properly planned media extravaganza to get the best impact for "Keeping up with the Kardashians". Beyond that she exemplifies the same media whoredom her entire family and Sarah Palin demonstrate everyday.

Though I'm sure she'll put out an inspiring It Gets Better video for the transgendered youth who face endless persecution from her own political party can watch and take away a lesson of what NOT to become. Then they can watch someone inspiring like Laverne Cox or Chaz Bono and learn how to live with true dignity.
Jun 2, 2015 Stewie Griffin commented on School Kids Visit Sex Toy Store.
Oh goodie!! A fire hydrant to Brian!! Wait? You use that fire hydrant for what? It goes where?!?!?
Jun 2, 2015 Stewie Griffin commented on Another Gay Bashing on Capitol Hill, This One in Broad Daylight.
The Stranger was right! Seattle doesn't need any gay ghetto! But we'll throw a few "safe" places around (that probably won't really be that safe) and that will make it all better.

Though most other "world-class-cities" do have gay ghettos. Places like London, Chicago, Paris, San Francisco etc. But Seattle? Nope! We sure don't need it and look how safe it is for our gays?!?!?!?!?

Jun 2, 2015 Stewie Griffin commented on Colorado High School Cancels Valedictorian's Graduation Day Speech Because He Was Planning to Come Out.
If Evan was richer he could get on the cover of Vanity Fair
Feb 12, 2015 Stewie Griffin commented on Spokane Councilman Blames Contagious Diseases on Illegal Immigrants.
This is the same city that had the "motto" (if it can be called that) printed on their city envelopes of "You CAN in Spokane!!"
Feb 1, 2015 Stewie Griffin commented on The Best of Slog: Seattle Prepares for the Super Bowl by Watching Horrific Videos of Seattle Police Officers Behaving Questionably.
Why didn't Mike McGinn deal with the SPD while he was in office for four years? These problems didn't just start after Murray became mayor
Feb 1, 2015 Stewie Griffin commented on All the Reasons Why the Seahawks Are Going to Win the Super Bowl (Plus a Whole Bunch of Reasons Why They Won't).
The Patriots will win: the hottest QB will win and there is no competition between Brady and Wilson