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Jun 3 TenrSinger commented on BREAKING: Woman Not Wanted at Gay Orgy! Must Credit HuffPo!.
@LavaGirl: I think the point Dan was trying to make is that the term "gay" is (unfortunately) ambiguous. It can refer either to both gay men and women, or to only gay men (which, as he says, was because lesbians in the 70s didn't want to have to be lumped in with gay men). Therefore, he is not ignoring or attacking lesbians if he uses the word "gay" to refer to men, despite the ambiguity of the term.

I think Dan has made it very clear over the years that he's an important leader for the whole GLBT community. Let's not get so caught up on semantics that we forget that and end up attacking someone who is doing all he can for the rights of the whole community.
Apr 28 TenrSinger commented on SL Letter of the Day: Friendly Fire.
@7 First of all, I'm sure there are plenty of gay dudes who are uncomfortable with straight women looking at naked pics of them...but I don't think you'd find a lot of them on DudesNude.

And second, you're not giving some straight guys enough credit. I work in a field in which the men are gay at a MUCH higher rate than the normal population (musical theatre), and I know a lot of straight guys in the biz who LOVE getting ogled by gay guys. Just goes with the attention whoredom of being an actor, I suppose...
Mar 14 TenrSinger commented on Gaydolph Hitler, World's Most Notorious Bi-Phobe, Helps Out a Young Bisexual.
@45 As a monosexual gay man, I do understand your argument. Being out as a bisexual person is not the same as being out as a gay person. But that doesn't affect the validity of the point that Dan has made over and over: If a bisexual person is not out to friends, coworkers, and family, then he or she is contributing to bisexual invisibility. And you might be right; being out as a bisexual person might require MORE effort than being out as a gay person.

But it's far from impossible. My sister is happily married to a man, and they have three daughters. But she's very out about being bisexual. And not because she loudly proclaims it everywhere she goes...she's just open when people ask her about her dating history, and will occasionally say something like, "My friend Carrie is so hot...I would totally date her if I weren't with my husband." Similarly, one of my best friends is a kick ass bi girl. She never had a big coming out talk with me...she just talked about the guy she was dating at the time and the girl she had broken up with not long before, and I put it together.

So I guess my point is this: Yes, it might be slightly more complicated for a bisexual person to be out than it is for a gay person, simply because who the bi person is dating at the time doesn't tell the whole story of his or her sexual orientation. But that doesn't change the fact that bisexuals will only become more visible if they are out...whether it's a more difficult prospect for them or not.
Mar 10 TenrSinger commented on Savage Love.
@14 nailed it. If PISSED is as intense about trying to watch her bf pee as she is about asking this question, it must make her pee-shy bf downright terrified! Having to pee next to a stranger in a bathroom isn't nearly as intimidating as peeing in front of someone who is watching you and expecting to be turned on. And from her tone, I'm imagining her, like, bounding to the bathroom like a terrier when he goes to pee and then staring at his crotch with her hand down her pants.

Better advice for PISSED: People are taught (correctly!) to keep their bathroom business private. Your bf is being polite by keeping the door locked. If this is something that really turns you on and that you want to incorporate into your sex life, approach him calmly, at a non-sexy time, and say, "Hey, I know it's a little weird and uncomfortable, but I'm really turned on by the thought of watching you pee. It doesn't have to be every time, but I'd love it if you'd indulge me once in a while...I promise you'll get the best sex ever if you do!" And do it without telling him you're BORED (in all caps), and without lots of overwhelming punctuation in your voice (?!?). You're likely to get much better results.
Mar 7 TenrSinger commented on Chatterbox: The Internet Is Talking About Republican Racists and the Alleged Bitcoin Guy.
I'm shocked that people think this Annie trailer looks good. I'm a musical theatre geek, and I was really looking forward to a new take on Annie, and especially thrilled to have a non-white girl playing the lead. But between the schticky references (Facebook! We're hip!), the (UGH) auto-tune, and whatever the hell Cameron Diaz is doing (and I actually adore her...but this looks like a bad high school improv class), this seems horrifying.

It's even more disappointing because Annie is actually a wonderful, heartfelt, fun story with a great score. And it's a story that could be updated easily without all of the hit-you-over-the-head jokes and references and with some great new musical arrangements. Also...they couldn't find a young black girl who could REALLY sing "Tomorrow"? Quvenzhane Wallis is a phenomenal actress, but Annie is an iconic singing should be played by a great actress who can sing her face off. There's no question that they're out there.
Mar 2 TenrSinger commented on Imploring Bi People to Come Out is Biphobic.
@100, thank you! People on this thread are talking as though coming out is always some huge proclamation. The easiest way to be open about being bisexual is to simply discuss your dating/sex life in the same way that anyone else does with friends/coworkers/whatever.

One of my best friends is a fabulous bisexual woman. When we met, she was dating a guy, so I went with the default assumption that she was straight. But then we were having a conversation over drinks about exes, and she said, "Ugh, my ex girlfriend used to do this thing..." And that was it. She didn't, like, introduce me to the guy she was dating and say, "Oh, by the way, don't assume that I'm straight because I'm dating him. I'm bi. Bi, bi, bi. Take that, bisexual invisibility!" She just discussed her dating life candidly, and I got the picture.

And there are plenty of ways that this can come up. "What's your type?" "Well, it's funny, I tend to prefer men who are taller than me and women who are shorter." Or, in a drunker conversation, "OMG, I just saw the hottest couple and couldn't decide if I wanted to fuck the guy or the girl more. Guess it'll have to be a threesome..."

And bringing it up in normal conversation rather than wedging it in does double duty, because it also indicates to people that being bi is not a big deal. Which you can then reinforce. If someone stops you and says, "Wait, you said ex girlfriend...don't you have a boyfriend?", you can say, "Yeah, I'm bisexual. So anyway, she snored so loud..." Then, if they really push you to talk about it, you have the chance to educate them from the standpoint that it isn't a big thing. Which is really powerful, I think.
Feb 26 TenrSinger commented on Savage Love.
@13 I didn't think of that schtick as intending to say, "Look at how accommodating I've been with her" so much as, "We haven't moved in together yet, but we're clearly serious and probably approaching that point." It's not about how he is in the relationship, it's about where they are in the relationship.

Also, is no one else surprised that Dan didn't tell IQAH to DTMFA? A guy who drinks too much, is a slob, is dependent on his gf socially, and won't give her the sexual freedom she craves, with a girl who isn't okay with any of those things? Sounds like a good reason to break up to me.
Feb 23 TenrSinger commented on Mormon Woman Made Insane by Frozen.
@31 "Too musical theatre"? Um...compared to other Disney movies? Which have what, like, death metal scores? The most recognizable scores from Disney movies were almost all written by musical theatre composer Alan Menken...The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Hunchback, Hercules...even Enchanted and Tangled. Even the score for The Lion King, written by a pop/rock legend, has a very strong musical theatre backbone to it. I don't understand why you wouldn't expect a Disney movie to have a musical theatre score.

Also...of course they had plans to move it to Broadway if the movie was successful.
Feb 17 TenrSinger commented on It Is a Silly Place.
@9 You have to consider the source material. Yes, the show only has one important-and-named female character...which is exactly one more than the movie on which it is based. And actually, the writers are subtly and cleverly feminist with her character while still staying within the bounds of the humor of the show. She's the only female character, yes; but she's also the only character who has any clue what's going on, she's the character prodding the others in the right direction, she's even the one who calls out the show itself for pushing aside its one female character for the sake of more male silliness. To make up for her being the only female character, they made her by far the most badass person on the stage.

And yes, the other women are basically either sexy showgirls or ladies in waiting. But as @10 pointed out, the extremity of that is intentional. It skewers the madonna/whore trope by being so ridiculous with it. And, again, it's in line with its source the movie, the only women with a significant amount of lines are an accused witch and the spokesperson for a castle full of gorgeous, horny, and desperate young girls throwing themselves at the knights. Sure it's sexist, but in a completely self-conscious and ridiculous way. Which, I would argue, is the creators' way of calling out those stereotypes, not reinforcing them.
Jan 16 TenrSinger commented on Father "Accidentally" Shoots 3-Year-Old in Head.
@39 Okay, I still don't see why it matters if a gun was intended to kill a deer or a's still made to kill something. Pools are intended for relaxation, fun, and exercize, power tools are intended for building/cutting/cleaning/etc, household knives are intended for cooking, and household poisons are intended for cleaning and things like that. Guns are intended for killing. So, an argument that compares guns to the things mentioned has to take their intended uses into consideration.

If you install a swimming pool for the sake of having somewhere to cool off and relax, and your child drowns in it because you failed to put up a safety fence, then you are a negligent parent. If you buy a gun for the sake of shooting a burglar who comes into the house, and your child accidentally kills himself with it, then you are also a negligent parent. But the distinction is that the pool was made for relaxation and tragically killed a child (and the parents deserve the consequences for it), whereas the gun was made to kill something, and it did exactly what it was intended to do. That's why it's important to consider these things separately.

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