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Queer activist, music journalist, advice columnist and researcher

Sep 3, 2011 white hotel commented on Deeply Embarrassed White People Talk Awkwardly About Race.
yay jen! this piece is excellent and really valuable. I've shared elsewhere. thanks for writing it! <3
Jun 24, 2011 white hotel commented on Bisexuals.
ps, Sarahjean, I'm rubbing up against yr mama.
Jun 24, 2011 white hotel commented on Bisexuals.
Savage misses point of biphobia/ bi erasure, accidentally creates online community of bi commenters...
Jun 22, 2011 white hotel commented on Racist Queers.
amazeballs x
May 15, 2011 white hotel commented on Bi-Phobia Watch: "That's just a gay guy who occasionally bangs a lady!".
you really are a shitbag Dan.
Apr 25, 2011 white hotel commented on Gay Ball.
@mister G, I'm with you - we need space that's ours. the debate's always been about who 'we' are - do we need men's bars (in which case they're open to bi & trans men, right?) and women's bars (similarly open to bi & trans women), or do we need queer bars (because sexual and gender identities aren't fixed or easily definable for many)? do we need gay and lesbian bars?

it's a judgement call I'm often forced to make, cos though I'm bi, queer-identified, and a regular on the LGBT commercial scene & in local LGBT activism, my partner right now is a straight man. & though I'm fine (and he's fine) with the fact that not all spaces are gonna be OK for him to be in - that's part of his being a fantastic fucking ally to me and my community - I do sometimes push, when I feel that what's behind the stares and discomfort isn't the need for non-straight space, but biphobia. interested to hear what you might have to say about this.
Apr 22, 2011 white hotel commented on Gay Ball.
I seriously can't believe the biphobia inherent in this story, and in some of the comments. If it's a league for gay and bisexual men, as Melani is now claiming, how come people who say they're bisexual are being kicked off?

I have absolutely no problem with GBT-only space. I have a problem with biphobia.
Apr 16, 2011 white hotel commented on Savage Love.
jenesasquatch... just a thought, but maybe yr wife finds being whined about on the internet a giant turnoff? all you ladies snuggling up to this guy, a guy that I'm presuming (what with the serious mental illness and all) none of you would touch with a bargepole in real life, are pretty sickening. the cooing of bourgeois fixers ain't gonna fix this.

there's nothing wrong with being lonely and in pain and needing to talk. I'm betting the internet won't help you fix that for real, though. best of luck with actually getting some help that doesn't involve splatting your marriage all over the world's least anonymous sex column.
Apr 15, 2011 white hotel commented on KCTS Screens Stonewall Uprising at NW FIlm Forum This Weekend.
HELLEW. that anyone could watch this and then talk about the 'gay and lesbian movement' is an insult to the trans people who started these riots. gawd.
Feb 15, 2011 white hotel commented on Hello, I'm Not the Enemy.
I think there's a bunch of interesting stuff to say about fat and class, about who has access to decent produce and information about food, about food standards and how the political machinations of food manufacturers drive the discourse around food standards, but honestly I don't tend to hear it from Dan. What I hear from Dan, because he's a sex columnist, is stuff about bodies, and the stuff Dan says about fat people's bodies is tinged with disgust. If a bunch of fat people say that to you, you might want to listen.

Behaving respectfully towards fat people doesn't mean kowtowing to the evil lies that food manufacturers promote. It just means treating people equally, not just in the workplace, but in terms of the language and attitudes you use. I doubt times one billion that Dan would put up with being employed by someone who treated him with politeness and respect in person, but wrote columns about how being gay was unhealthy, disgusting, etc.

Yes, fatphobia is hate speech; yes, it matters what fat people think of how you write about them; yes, this is a bunch of wounded privilege denial. Man up, Dan. Next stop: biphobia. Anyone on-staff want to run with that?