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Oct 28, 2009 tetrapod commented on Savage Love.
HIO, he is doing something he knows will hurt you *right in front of you*. He is not sneaking around, he is doing it AT you. Seriously girl, this guy is enjoying controlling you - he is seeing just how much he can hurt you and you STILL want to be with him.
He is a manipulative, controlling douche, and you give him exactly what he wants.
Yes, he will change, he will get worse. I bet the things he has been doing have been getting worse over time already.
Oct 27, 2009 tetrapod joined My Stranger Face
Oct 27, 2009 tetrapod commented on Savage Love.
To WWW, why not tell your husband that while you actually being physically involved wit another man is permanently off the cards, you can have a very active imagination. We women all have our wonderful fantasies, so tell him about them! Even if you are one of the rare few that actually fantasises about her husband, tell him it was a stranger, or pretend you are telling someone else. It can be hard saying your fantasies out loud for the first time, but you would have a most appreciative audience. Just make sure, in real life, he knows these are fantasies only and will never be acted out.