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Apr 2, 2010 noodlepie commented on Why Do You Hate Them, Rob?.
I still would like to find out just how much money Washington tax payers are funding for this project. Rob and his staff are being paid while they work on this project. Full disclosure to this details have not been given as far as I've heard.
Oct 29, 2009 noodlepie joined My Stranger Face
Oct 29, 2009 noodlepie commented on Monogamy Isn't Realistic.
To call monogamy an unnatural human trait sounds a bit like a scapegoat. There are countless "unnatural" trends that humans are famous for - working in tiny cubes, limiting our intake of food, working 40 hours a week, paying taxes, caring for our ailing parents, staying home on weekend nights to raise our children - trends that fuel a majority of human lifestyles that require a bit of additional motivation to accomplish. Many human choices are not "natural" and quite often are decisions we would not make without cultural and social pressure.

It is interesting that the article peers so closely at this particular trend and deems it unnatural while ignoring the multitude of other unnatural decisions that humans make on a daily basis. The word unnatural has a negative connotation and that's my beef. It's just one way of doing things, and yes, it requires a bit of motivation and focus, and if it's against the grain of human psychology, fine. But get off your high horse and recognize the countless other restrictive habits and hard decisions that you make on a daily basis and then explain why this habit is excusable.