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Sep 12, 2013 aislander commented on Fatburger: YAY! or Nay.
Frankly, it seems a little silly to compare all burger joints in one basket. There seem to be about three tiers...

lowest price. Macs, In-N-Out, Dicks, etc.

Mid range: Fatburger, Five Guys etc

High Priced...the gourmet burger joints.

Seems like perhaps we're comparing Volkswagens to Mercedes here?
Sep 11, 2013 aislander commented on Fatburger: YAY! or Nay.
#18 I definitely AM a native and yeah, I was a Dick's fan until I was introduced to the sublime pleasure that is In-N-Out. Spoiled me forever. Now Dicks just seems almost as bad as MacDonalds (except the shakes) because there's no way to unlearn the In-N-Out experience. And you still can't get tomato at Dick;s, (gratis at In-N-Out) their lettuce is chopped (In-N-Out is leafed) Onions, if on your Dicks order have been minced god knows when, where as sliced and/or grilled onion at In-N-Out is gratis.

Every one of my Seattle friends that came down to visit while I was living in L.A. totally agreed that Dick absolutely sucks compared to In-N-Out upon having both experiences.

SO, # 18...have you ever even HAD an In-N-Out burger? Best cheap burger on the planet hands down. By the way, their fries are also hand cut on the premises like Dicks NOTHING except the shakes and the ice in your drink has EVER been frozen, every thing is made to order, oh, can you order cheese fries at Dicks? Can you get your patties grilled in mustard? ...well peruse the "hidden menu" In-N-Out blows Dick's into the trash can in comparison yet at the same price point.
Sep 11, 2013 aislander commented on Fatburger: YAY! or Nay.
As a (returned) Seattle native whose career took me to L.A. for 25 years, I adored the original Fatburger (near Beverly Center on La Cienega) before it became a chain. However, the chain has a shocking lack of quality control, so it can range from fantastic to awful. Therefore, it's a crap shoot. Would definitely prefer an In-N-Out!! And don't even mention can't even get a friggin slice of tomato on those awful things. Gimme an Animal Style ANYTIME!!!
Aug 9, 2013 aislander commented on Late Ballots Break Hard for Stranger-Endorsed Candidates as McGinn Wins Thursday Drop.
More incredibly biased spin coming from Goldy. What a surprise. The fact remains, when you have an incumbent who gets beaten in a wide field, that's the kiss of death. McGinn's campaign is on life support.
Aug 7, 2013 aislander commented on McGinn, Sawant, and O'Brien Trend Up in Late Ballots.
Nice attempt to spin, Goldy...problem is, that's all it is..spin.
Apr 3, 2013 aislander commented on Have You Ever Watched a Couple of Obnoxious Drunk Assholes Get Into a Barfight?.
I love Laura Ingram saying to give it more time, that (the right) will come up with better arguments. As if they just haven't had enough time to find a credible argument against same sex marriage! How many decades does she think they will need? Well keep looking, cause there simply isn't one! LOL
Apr 1, 2013 aislander commented on Rodney Tom Kills Reproductive Parity Act.
Obviously this DINO takes us all for morons.
Dec 17, 2012 aislander commented on Members of the Local NRA Respond to Today's Elementary School Shooting.
#71: I'm also a former law enforcement officer, (WSP, now retired) but I totally disagree with you. Sensible gun control CAN work, but needs to be uniform and will take time. We need to get the assault weapons off the street, and should have substantially stronger ownership and registration laws.
Dec 17, 2012 aislander commented on Members of the Local NRA Respond to Today's Elementary School Shooting.
Guns don't kill people, people do. What a bunch of bullshit. People with guns kill people. If people don't have guns, it's a hell of a lot harder to kill people. To compound the problem, our media feeds these needy individuals with wall-to-wall 24-7 coverage of these events, which some of the perps obviously crave.

How about this as a first step? ALL firearms must be registered and titled like cars are. Any registered owner can be held (at least partially) responsible for crimes committed with that weapon? This would certainly close the gun show loophole and more.

And maybe second step: require massive liability insurance (like with cars) to cover any harm caused by the weapon. Seems to me to be a good place to start!
Oct 9, 2012 aislander commented on Why the Latest $650,000 for the Anti-Gay Campaign Is Not Something to Be Tossed Lightly Aside.
The carpetbaggers at NOM and PMW are disgusting. Has anybody noticed that they bought about 9000 "likes" for their Facebook page from Thailand just so it wouldn't look so pathetic?…

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