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Dec 11 urn commented on City to Crack Down on Pot-Delivery Services and Consider New Rules for Dispensaries.
Lowest law enforcement priority should fall somewhere below bicycle helmet laws and jaywalking. I'd love to see some numbers on these.
Dec 10 urn commented on An Epic Mac 'n' Cheese Taste Test.
While the pasta is cooking, in a separate bowl melt your butter in your milk, and whisk in the cheese powder. Pour it over your pasta once you've drained it. Never hit one of those dry cheese powder bombs again. You're welcome.
Aug 12 urn commented on LGBT Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Defeated In Billings, Montana.
I assume the problems, to the opposition, would come from "a man pretending to be a woman" going into the bathroom to perv all over their women? Because surely they wouldn't be opposing "a woman pretending to be a man" to come into the bathroom to perv all over them? Except they'd be uncomfortable wanting to be pervy with a "woman who looks like a man."

It must suck to live your life afraid of everything all the time.
Apr 11 urn commented on Low-Tech Leaking.
Aren't you cute, @1? You think teachers get paid respectably. That's not 4 teachers' pay, it's closer to 10.
Apr 2 urn commented on Wednesday Morning News: Gay Seattle Boy Scout Leader, Palestine's Bid for Recognition, Hopeful Afghan Women, Methane and You, Snow and California, and the Red Lobster in Tacoma.
When I envisioned an artist climbing into the "sterilised carcass of a bear" I had visions of taun tauns 'n shit. Disappointing. Guy's just climbing into a box inside a taxidermied bear.

So, worst part? Gonna have to go with the relieving himself inside the box.
Jan 13 urn commented on Poll: Let's Talk Trash! Should the City Reduce Garbage Pickup to Once Every Two Weeks?.
I agree with @2. In my experience, the trash would probably be fine (family of 4, two diapered kids), but if I'm going to step up the recycling and compostables even more, better keep/start collecting those weekly. Which, I note in the pilot, they say would wash the savings.

We're gonna need a bigger bucket.
Dec 26, 2013 urn commented on Do You Want to Organ-Donate Your Face?.
I thought I read something about face transplants that said putting a face on a different underlying structure (the skull and muscles of another person) basically makes the face look different. I don't think the recipient would end up looking like the donor.

Fingerprints are another thing entirely. I'd bet they keep those on file, just to avoid the CSI episode of "this guy's prints keep showing up at our murder scenes, but he's been dead for years."
Dec 2, 2013 urn commented on SL Letter of the Day: Detail Oriented.
@1: Yes. Exactly.

If he's over it and has forgiven you, it's your job to meet him there. I know of which you speak "I feel like a different person—I can't even understand my actions back then." If you're not that person anymore, don't go back.
Nov 20, 2013 urn commented on City Put On Notice: Angry Tourist Will Never Again Visit MOHAI!.
I'm not familiar with these parking spots in particular, but I know that some places request you pull in facing forward so you're not blowing exhaust directly into a door, window, or vent. Not everything is a scam or a product of micromanagement. (Not discounting the possibility, here, though.)
Nov 18, 2013 urn commented on I, Anonymous.
The dogs, Haley and Moose, arrived at Grandma's house too late, as they'd already gotten themselves pregnant. Because the fence wasn't secure, and they either got out and got knocked up, or a "gentleman caller" got in.

We could trim this down a bit. "I had two dogs, and you killed one. I hate you." The rest of this might have made the writer feel better, but did little to tell the story clearly.

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