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Jan 31, 2012 i.miss.seattle commented on Ever Wanted to Hear Ira Glass Give Sex Advice?.
This made my day (although I got some weird looks on the subway when I laughed out loud). Hearing Ira talk about blowjobs was so surreal, but awesome. You make a great team-- Please please please have him back on the podcast!
Apr 14, 2010 i.miss.seattle commented on Bad Anonymous News.
Totally totally sucks. I am so sorry.

But if you are into brewing beer, this could be a fun challenge. Yep, you'll have to learn some new recipes, but I had a great gluten-free Sorghum beer recently (I don't have Celiac's but I was curious--it was AWESOME). Check out http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art3….

Alternately, you could get into brewing mead, which is wonderful and gluten-free. Or cider! (Not all commercial ciders are gluten free, since some add barley, but if you make your own you can control that and it's awesome--better I think--without the barley!) http://gfkitchen.server101.com/GFAlcohol…

My cousin has also found some pretty good wild rice pasta and gluten-free baking recipes (including for pizza dough!).

It's a new challenge, and certainly one you didn't choose, and it sucks for sure, but there are lots of options out there that are very tasty. And it is a growing niche-market--the products are only getting better and easier to find.
Nov 4, 2009 i.miss.seattle joined My Stranger Face
Nov 4, 2009 i.miss.seattle commented on How to Be a Person Who Isn't a Failure.
I was always under the impression that having a credit card was a good move in terms of building credit and eventually getting loans to buy a house/car/etc. Just pay them off IN FULL every month so you don't get into trouble.