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May 23, 2016 tabski commented on Student Government Backs Anti-Racism Occupation at Seattle University, Legendary Activist Dick Gregory Weighs In.
I'll go ahead and judge all Seattle U students, humanities dept. or not, to be misguided in general based on hundreds of them lining up to get into Von Trapps and Ba Bar on any given night.

May 5, 2016 tabski commented on Appetite for Destruction.
Though it should be apolitical, journalism is the same as a protest movement in the way you describe it in your closer. Exhausted to the point of invigoration, hard work that never finishes. Thanks for doing justice to your trade, Eli.
Oct 6, 2015 tabski commented on A Few Things I Noticed About the Washington Coast.
Seriously, I normally try to refrain from bashing Slog content... But what the hell kind of blog/news item is this? I spend a little time on the Washington coast, and there's extensive stuff to actually look into for a journalist/blogger. Wtf.
Sep 25, 2015 tabski commented on #ShoutYourAbortion Is Still Roaring on the Internet.
More proof Lindy is a fucking hero with way more guts than most, and a perspective to the truth behind society that awakens us all at the cost of her own personal safety.

Sep 17, 2015 tabski commented on Republicans Are Convinced They're Modern Martin Luther Kings.
Whoa. I just clicked in to say how much I enjoy Matt Baume's excellent writing. Didn't expect to see a this Seattleblues character having a bigoted tantrum. Meh.

Thanks Mr. Baume, more plz!
Aug 27, 2015 tabski commented on There Was "a Large Sewage Spill" in Lake Washington This Morning.
Who cares if its a small percentage of the total volume of water? A 12,000 gallon sewage spill at a public swimming beach fucking matters to me, and if you live here it should matter to you, too.

It might be a drop in a bucket, but would you wash your face from a bucket with a drop of poop in it? The apathy/resignation/indifference to a contaminated public environment, no matter how small the scale, is perplexing.
Aug 25, 2015 tabski commented on Know a Seattle Musician With An Extremely Photogenic Pet?.
Tory Tiara (Victoria Piel) and her goddamn white mini poodle!!! But she's a contemporary dance/burlesque artist, not a musician, so uh...
Aug 11, 2015 tabski commented on Will the Outcry Over Cecil the Lion Hurt Conservation Efforts?.
Did anybody hear the interview with the head of the Texas Safari Club on the Here And Now radio program? I'm not a person who would ever trophy hunt, and poaching makes me sick, and I like tofu. I thought that interviewer Robin Young's questions showed her (and the liberal anti-hunting crowd's) concerns to be incredibly out of touch with reality compared to the impressively even-keeled and rational responses of her interviewee. Just another case of supposed political identity being insufficient to explain real life situations.…