Mar 3, 2014 S Smith commented on Republican State Senator Shocks Colleagues, Kills Funding for Homeless Programs.
The guy answering Angel's phone- 360-786-7650 is not just taking our name and complaints/concerns, he's debating with constituents, and not in the kindest way possible (not surprising). Then again, neither was I. My first sentence was that I was disappointed with her decision and that this would hurt people. His response "Who will it hurt?" WTF?! That's pretty much set the tone.

I was on the phone for over 10 mins & now I am now angrier than before. Probably not the result that they intended.

He's trying to claim that there were major problems with the bill, but she should/would have said that on the senate floor or offered amendments. When I said it was bi-partisan he shot back with "That doesn't mean unanimous." Well fucking, DUH, I wanted t o say, but instead I said. Bi-partisan agreement on anything is a rare thing in the Senate today.

He's saying that they'll take it up again in two weeks, I'm sure by reducing the fee again because he was basically bitching about how much is in the fund now.

I will be watching to see what happens next and told him to look forward to my call. UGH!

Jan 21, 2011 S Smith commented on Drunk of the Week.
What a cute little hairless bottom. I wonder if he prefers sugaring or waxing.

Of course, he might be the type that prefers to have his butt-hairs yanked out one-by-one by a giant bald man wielding tweezers.

I <3 West Seattle
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Nov 7, 2009 S Smith reviewed Proletariat Pizza.
My first taste of Proletariat Pizza was a heavenly slice of their Margherita. I was with a friend who suggested we order a half pizza, because fresh is best and; being that he's a pizza snob; he doesn't DO reheated pizza.

It was an excellent choice! The half-pie was HUGE! I think these are 18" pizzas so for 9.50 (16 for the whole pie) we got four giant slices of divine pizza happiness. Since we had stopped at Full Tilt Ice Cream before Proletariat, we were only able to finish a slice and a half each. Hey, life's uncertain... have desert first, right?

The Margherita was excellent! The sauce was perfect; zesty and sweet but not heavy-handed. The thin flaky crust and the size of the slices inspired me to fold the pizza like I've seen 'em do on television. Taking that first bite I found myself closing my eyes for a moment, so as to better enjoy the flavors dancing on my tongue.

Proletariat uses both fresh and shredded mozzarella, giving this pizza just the right amount of cheesy gooey goodness. The fresh basil and roma tomatoes were aromatic and sweet, balancing with the sauce nicely. Their Margherita is a perfect example of simplicity at its best.

I enjoyed the pizza so much that I took another friend to lunch there the next day. The lunch deal of two slices and a soda for 5.50 or a slice, salad and soda for 6.50 is hard to beat.

I officially became addicted to their salad that day. Mixed organic greens, gorgonzola cheese garbonzo beans and kalamata olives tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette was an excellent compliment the slice of the day- Cinco. Fontana, provolone, gorgonzola, asiago and mozz give this pizza it's name and it's richness. The Cinco is a cheese-lovers must-have pizza.

They have a great family environment at Proletariat, with toys and coloring books for the kids and Oly for 1.75 for the grown-ups.

Starting an evening at Proletariat and going for ice cream and pinball at Full Tilt after would be a great date-night, as well. If you live in White Center or not, Rat City is the place to be for those in the know.