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donnez-moi une raison d'être, parce que je n'ai pas un.

godtomsatan is wondering if this is even necessary.
Apr 19, 2012 godtomsatan commented on I Can't Wait for Paul Thomas Anderson's New Movie.
ratzkywatzky, you're a failure.
Mar 13, 2012 godtomsatan commented on Surprise: Neighborhood Activists Complain About Later Bar Hours In Seattle (I.E. Put Cart Before Horse, Light Cart on Fire).
I own a 24 hour restaurant, with a bar that currently closes at 2am and reopens at 6am. Our 6am happy hour customers are people who have worked late shifts. Doctors and nurses from ER's who work 4 10 hour shifts get done and want a cocktail with their meal. All sorts of other jobs also end between 2am and 8am. There is no reason to deny these people who are contributing members of our city a place to go and socialize after work like everyone else can enjoy. There is no logical no data driven reason to deny them.

How many doctors and nurses are eating at the 5-point at 6am vs. the number of those still coked-up from the night before and day drunks? Be honest about this and quit patronizing people with your sunshine and lollipops version of how things work at night time hours.

I'm not against the idea of bars staying open later hours, but I am against the steady stream of bullshit that comes out of the mouth of Meinart and the Nightlife folks who act like this isn't anything but more opportunity for a select group of business owners to make more money. There will be no staggered hours at your local bar. It will only be at THEIR bar.
Jun 30, 2011 godtomsatan commented on Two Thirds of Drivers in Red Light Camera Cities Support Red Light Cameras.
Red light cameras = not inherently bad.

Red light cameras operated by private entities contracted by municipalities = inherently bad

Let the individual cities operate these things, not the for profit law enforcement industry.
Jun 23, 2011 godtomsatan commented on Rep. Carlyle Questions Red Light Cameras. Sorta..
What about the sanctimonious finger-wagging on this issue?
Jun 22, 2011 godtomsatan commented on Why the Faces of Some Cocaine Users Look Like They're Falling Off: An Explanation.
If you're losing a earlobe as a result of your cocaine (ab)use, you probably shouldn't be using cocaine.

That's neither sanctimonious or finger-wagging.

Jun 22, 2011 godtomsatan commented on US Mayors Backs Red Light Cameras.
The private companies who operate and collect on the red light cameras appreciate your support Goldy! Way to promote the privatization of law enforcement!
Jun 15, 2011 godtomsatan commented on A (Legal) Peek Inside Sarah Palin's Inbox.
Ignore it and it goes away.
Jun 14, 2011 godtomsatan commented on Mitt Romney Does Not Think You Are a Pothole.
I gave up after 41 seconds of looking at ugly people being all down and shit. Unless there are dick pix, 4 more years.
Jun 6, 2011 godtomsatan commented on Westboro Baptist Coming to Town.
Shoot, I'm going to be in Topeka the following weekend. What could I possibly do while I'm in their backyard?
Jun 3, 2011 godtomsatan commented on Happy Birthday, Curtis Mayfield!.
@6, you're wrong. "If There's A Hell Below, We're All Gonna Go" is the correct answer.