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Dec 18 Lack Thereof commented on Democrats and Republicans Agree: Sony Was Stupid and Cowardly When It Pulled The Interview.
If you've read some of the leaked internal e-mails and memos from Sony, they've been looking for an excuse NOT to release the movie for a while.

The Sony execs think the movie is unfunny and would likely flop. The memos are particularly hard on James Franco's performance. However, I doubt Sony execs would know what's funny anyway.
Dec 8 Lack Thereof commented on Advice from a Convicted Criminal on How to Keep Your Car Safe in Seattle.

True, they can't both be right.

From what I saw working in the auto parts business in central and south Seattle, however, there are plenty of amateur mechanics in many neighborhoods who are willing to pull major drivetrain components out of a stolen car in someone's backyard, and have the ability to do it in a couple hours. There's always a market for a known-running condition, popular engines. Though they are craigslistable, usually someone close to the car-thief needs the engine for a particular purpose. No one's systematically stealing and stripping cars, and most stolen cars will eventually end up being dumped in running condition with most of their parts.
Dec 8 Lack Thereof commented on Advice from a Convicted Criminal on How to Keep Your Car Safe in Seattle.
@2: The same as the Hondas and Subarus. Crap locks that are both easily defeatable and flimsily mounted.

These types of lock issues are common to almost all Japanese import brands of the 80's and 90's. They all shared the same suppliers for these parts.

Nissans are also valuable targets because the popularity of the 240SX in racing scenes creates a seemingly limitless demand for certain 4-cylinder Nissan engines.

They don't show up on the top-10 lists because there are many fewer Nissans on the road than most brands.
Nov 18 Lack Thereof commented on Death to Self-Checkout Machines.
Many grocery stores use them as an excuse to understaff the traditional, full-service checkout lines. Then the long checkout lines push people to the self-checkout.

This is the main reason I stopped going to Safeway and started going to Fred Meyer's for groceries. At Freddies, there are always enough open full-service checkout lanes so that none of the lines get longer than one or two people. Sure, they have a self-checkout, but it is not mandatory, you can still get through quickly at the traditional lane.

I will use self-checkout when there is no line and I am only purchasing one or two things, when I can just breeze through. At that point, it's worth doing the work myself to avoid waiting in even a short line.
Nov 10 Lack Thereof commented on The Morning News: Lead Widens for Ballot Measure to Make Class Sizes Smaller in This State.
Regarding Westneat's stolen phone, there's a saying at the NYPD that applies to these types of minor crimes:

How do you catch a murderer? When he jumps a turnstile 2 weeks later.
Nov 3 Lack Thereof commented on Vote Jim McDermott in Washington's 7th Congressional District.
I just wish that some day a reasonable person will run against McDermott. It's always the nuttiest R challenger that makes it through the primary, not one that can actually start a debate and push Jim for results.
Nov 1 Lack Thereof commented on The Joint for People Who Don't Like to Smoke Joints.
The Ploom Pax is pretty excellent to smoke out of. It's all the right technology - temperature controlled, etc. My buddy's got one. But the switchgear on it has been quite troublesome.

First, the switch on the mouthpiece got unreliable, so he sent it in under warranty. When he got it back, it worked slightly better, for a while, then it was back to the same issue. Talking to other Ploom owners, he found out it was a common issue, just a flaw in the design, and got some recommendations of some food/medical grade lubricants to put in the switch that made it somewhat more reliable.

Then the temperature control switch went bad. Now it's stuck on the hottest setting.

It's also a pain to clean.

However, I've yet to see another refillable vaporizer with the same set of features. For lack of any better options, I still recommend a Pax, even with these issues.
Oct 30 Lack Thereof commented on Interviews with Four Black-Market Marijuana Growers.
Complaining about the quality of the legal weed? That's weird.

The pot I've been getting (from a shop just North of Seattle, which doesn't seem to have the supply-shortage problems of the in-city stores) is significantly better than what I was getting on the black market.
Oct 17 Lack Thereof commented on City Auditor Turns Up Little Evidence of Meaningful Paid Sick Leave Enforcement.
When I was managing a chain retail store, I was told by upper management not to give people paid sick days. Sick employees were told they had to fill out a form with the city, and the city would pay their sick time.

I knew this was bullshit, but had no power to do anything about it.
Oct 14 Lack Thereof commented on Ed Murray's Black Former Press Secretary, Who Was Making Less Than Her White Colleagues, Claims Discrimination.
Considering how poorly she did (sending out an incomplete press release?), I'm surprised it ONLY cost $5000/yr extra to get someone better.

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