Aug 22, 2013 JRS commented on Hugely Stupid Op-Ed in Today's NYT.
Uh oh Dan. Turns out you are (gasp) wrong & are being called on the carpet for it. Forbes magazine author Mark Adomanis joins the ever growing crowd of those pleading with you to educate yourself. It is fantastic that the terrible situation for the LGBT community in Russia is getting such international coverage, but think about the actual work that could be done if this energy was put into reaching out to those you claim to support!
Adomanis claims Savage's response to the NYT OpEd by Schrad is "hostile and intentionally ignorant." Ironic given that you claim Schrad's article to be "profoundly, willfully clueless."…
Aug 21, 2013 JRS commented on Why I'm Boycotting Russian Vodka.
Let us keep in the forefront of our minds that real people in the LGBT community are being brutalized by their countrymen with the support of their government in Russia and around the world. The latest anti-LGBT laws in Russia reflect the views of 2/3 of the Russian people, not just Mr. Putin and his party. This is a huge human rights issue that needs serious people to address it in a meaningful way. We should not forget that DOMA was only recently struck down, leaving us with no moral high ground to stand on.

The Olympics will take place in Sochi. They are not going to move it no matter how wrong the Russian laws are nor how much pressure the IOC receives. Planning demonstrations should be the focus of the energy of LGBT activists, not boycotts of the games. Most of us will not be travelling to Sochi, so we should be planning demonstrations wherever we are.

Mr. Savage is wrong about the ownership of Stoli, as has already been pointed out. I support symbolic gestures such as boycotts when they make sense. Boycotting non-Russian vodka (with Russian sounding names) makes the boycotters look ignorant and has the real potential to hurt our allies and innocent bystanders. As others have pointed out there are other Russian exports that would make sense to boycott, such as oil.

Sending a united message to ALL countries that condone the abuse of human rights is our moral responsibility. Boycotting the wrong product is not just slacktivism; it is misguided and potentially dangerous as it may result in more brutality.

What is the end goal here, getting on YouTube for dumping Stoli in the street or actually working to prevent violence of our brothers and sisters?

I'm relieved that I'm not the only one who feels this way.…
Nov 19, 2009 JRS commented on Savage Love.
RE: NMP. I asked once and I'll ask you again Dan, just what are you thinking? Oz Squad Alpha's comment is rational and correct, as are the others who have commented on your hypocrisy. Surely you "get it" by now. Your silence does not surprise me, but it does speak volumes. We are left to draw our own conclusions. Perhaps you won't apologize for your use of the word tard, retard, etc. because you are unable to admit when you are wrong. If you did, it would damage your ego, change the way your readers think of you, hurt your standing or lose you 'cool points'? Or, maybe you simply disregard people with intellectual disabilities because you see them as less than worthy of respect and having little value. They just don't matter to you? If any of these are your reasons, let me just say, that's a bag of BS. It's not to late Dan. Admit your hypocrisy and apologize, or, watch as parents of children with disabilities (like me) take you to school and hand you your own back end. Then again, maybe you just love the attention.
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Vile title Dan. Uncool and not representative of the individuals in the art. What were you thinking?