May 27, 2011 texan commented on Savage Love.
Dan - here's why the "choice" argument makes me nuts. What if being gay was a choice? Aren't we *allowed* to make choices? In fact, I thought these choices were one of our most basic human rights.

(And while I never chose to be gay, I did choose not to be a fucking closet case who got married and got dick on the side, and that's a choice I'm pretty proud of.)
Apr 23, 2010 texan commented on Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!.
I just can't understand why someone who feels that drawing pictures of their prophet is a big sin would bother to get upset that someone else, who is not a believer, drew a picture of their prophet. I especially can't understand why this would be worth getting homicidal about.

I do understand why citizens of a democratic society which holds freedom of expression sacred as one of the most fundamental human rights would get upset when a group of extremists threatens violence against someone because they drew a picture.

I think the idea of "everybody draw Mohammed" is sound (if everyone does it, then everyone is a target of the extremists, and the whole thing collapses - kind of like the apocryphal story of King Christian X of Denmark saying he would wear the Star of David is Nazi occupiers forced Jews to) - I think it has a lot more impact if those drawings are just drawings, not attempts to mock Mohammed.

I have no respect for any religious belief - only respect for the holders of these beliefs to hold them - but there is an effective way to do this, and a childish way. I think it would be a powerful statement if, on May 20, newspapers published non-parody drawing of Mohammed, blogs displayed them, etc. But once they become mockeries, the statement is lost.
Jan 18, 2010 texan commented on The Shiba Puppy Cam Is Back!!.
Don't let Savage see this or he'll find them and kill them.
Jan 18, 2010 texan commented on Such Nice Dogs....
The fundamental problem here is that Dan is a retard.
Jan 18, 2010 texan commented on E-Books and the New Normal.
The problem with online reviews and such is that most people are morons, and no one should care what they think.
Jan 18, 2010 texan commented on All Hell May Break Loose In Massachusetts Tomorrow.
I have given up on progressive politics in the US. Progressives can win elections now and then, but are unable to govern or expand on those victories, so we're doomed to the misrule of the offspring of Bush & Cheney.
Jan 15, 2010 texan commented on Such Nice Dogs....
I think it's really funny that people mentioned chihuahuas as a more appropriate dog. They're rats with fangs and they have a strong tendency to bite. And they can do some damage, especially to children.

I think people confuse "untrained" with "mistreated." An untrained pit bull is not a vicious killer; they are by nature highly people oriented (but sometimes dog-aggressive) and without training, will be a big pain in the ass (like most dogs) and if provoked will lash out (like almost every dog in existence - when threatened, they defend themselves. Duh.) Trained, they are lovely creature. Mistreated, they are dangerous, like any large dog.

Breed bans have been tried. They've never reduced dog bite injuries and deaths. The Netherlands got rid of theirs because after years of enforcing it, dog bite injuries had gone UP slightly.

So everyone calling for a ban on pit bulls is basically saying dog bites are bad (yes), we must prevent them (yes), and we must choose an approach that doesn't address the cause of dangerous dogs being around (bad owners) and doesn't work. Which is... well... really fucking stupid, when you think about it.
Jan 14, 2010 texan commented on Texins Fer State's Rites!.
Our perennially unpopular governor is very consciously playing to the most conservative wing of his party because he's facing a primary contest with the very popular - and importantly, much more popular to moderates - Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson. (Don't ask ME why people like her, I find it mystifying.) So his primary strategy depends on getting those voters out to beat KBH.

Democrats, of course, hope that he succeeds, because he is the easier candidate to beat. He only got re-elected because he had three weak opponents splitting the vote, and was able to get his wackjob base motivated.

Whoever winds that primary is likely to face Bill White (ex-mayor of Houston) who has a high profile and served in the state's largest city as long as term limits would allow him, coasting to re-election with lots of votes from people in both parties. He's the strongest Democratic contender for governor in ages, and has a real shot of beating Perry, especially given that the major cities in the state are all increasingly Democratic (majority in Dallas, even split in Houston).

So I love hearing idiocy pouring from his mouth. You can learn a lot about the political shifts taking place in Texas by watching this campaign unfold - good shifts that will have an impact around the country. What you can't really learn from Rick Perry is much about what actual Texans think about anything.
Jan 12, 2010 texan commented on Boy Needs Dog for Mental Stability.
Perhaps a dog sitting on Mudede's face will be the first step toward overcoming the stupidity exhibited in this post.
Jan 11, 2010 texan commented on Such Nice Dogs....
Some gay people are child molesters. Dan, why do you molest children?