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Why are there cars?
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Apr 12 Why are there cars? commented on Interactive City Council Districts Map.
District 7? I guess they wanted to cordon off the Republicans from Magnolia and Queen Anne but we lefty Uptowners are going to get steamrolled.
Apr 9 Why are there cars? commented on Restaurant Guy David Meinert Urges Staff to Lobby for Tip Deduction from $15 Wage or "Tips Will Probably Go Away" and Overall Wages Will Drop.
Meinert's notion is ridiculous. Everyone's costs are going up but guess what? More people can eat at his restaurants.

Seriously, Stranger, do you need to let every one of your advertisers have a free platform to trot out their inner John Birch?
Apr 9 Why are there cars? commented on Council Member Sawant, Can We Talk?.
I find it hilarious that the Stranger is caught between the ethical dilemma of advocating for their readers or advocating for their advertisers. Hey, Stranger staff and Tim Keck. This is how you become the Seattle Times.
Apr 9 Why are there cars? commented on Study Says American Corporations, Including Microsoft, Are Keeping More Than $2 Trillion Overseas.
Funny. American workers overseas have to pay income tax from the first dollar. Sucks having crummy lobbyists.
Apr 3 Why are there cars? commented on Please Don't Feed the Alligators.
One more reason not to live in Florida. Wow.
Mar 26 Why are there cars? commented on Facebook Buys Virtual Reality Headset Maker for Two Billion Dollars.
2 Billion is cheap compared to Instagram.
Feb 25 Why are there cars? commented on Mitt Romney Urges Governor Brewer to Veto Anti-Gay Bill.
I had respect for the that ole Massachusetts moderate. He was such a breath of fresh air after Bush as you could see that he could actually hold opposing viewpoints in his head.

In the end though, this comes down to money flowing out of Arizona and business is never in favor of that. Business has no stake in social issues, they just court the religious right for the votes and because they obey authority.

Kudos to Romney.
Feb 2 Why are there cars? commented on Philip Seymour Hoffman Is Dead.
This makes me so sad. I even loved him in "Twister". Tragic.
Jan 28 Why are there cars? commented on Kshama Sawant's Socialist State of the Union.
Too bad they didn't cut the mic. Even Obama knows he has to smile every once in a while.
Jan 27 Why are there cars? commented on City Council Approves Seattle's Bid to Become a UNESCO City of Literature.
Well it does have pretty big book store. Like Amazon is the biggest, right?

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