Dec 18, 2016 thinker commented on One Seattle Murder, Two Devastated Families, and a Question: What Constitutes Justice?.
Sensitively written. I wonder, though, at the impression it leaves that Mr Whitaker is really sorry for what he did. Didn't he threaten his girlfriend, who refused to back up his lies about what had happened? Isn't he still a danger to her? I hope not, and I hope that his family's love will influence his choices in the future. And I hope that the marvelous impact Brent McDonald had on the children he worked with will continue to inspire them. He inspires me.
Jun 6, 2013 thinker commented on Why I Ride Fearfully Even With a Helmet.
Ansel reminds me of my ex, who, to prove he was not an alcoholic like his parents, would "demonstrate his control over alcohol" by drinking every day and night. Typical alcoholic, his reasoning was totally screwed up. Because Ansel wants the city to be safer for cyclists, he rides without a helmet. It's f'd-up reasoning, maybe because he's immature, or maybe because he is already brain damaged. I hope he starts valuing his brain more than his proud stance, before he suffers a TBI. TBI is no joke..
Dec 31, 2012 thinker commented on If Bridgeport, CT Can Raise $130,000 for a Gun Buyback Program, Why Can't Seattle?.
@21 I think the issue is cultural. The idea that guns are the answer to everything. If they are promoted as THE answer to anger, frustration, pain, rejection, whatever, then they become the first thing people turn to. Right now the NRA leadership is promoting the idea that arming ourselves is the answer to every threat. Seattle doesn't on the whole foster that culture, which may be why our homicide rate is low. It would be helpful if the NRA and others who say "guns are not the problem" would promote alternatives to resolving problems in life. Like communication? Compassion?
May 25, 2011 thinker commented on About Those Parents Who Aren't Disclosing Their New Child's Gender....
@41 I'm alarmed at Monsanto, the agri-beast, being considered for early childhood education! Maybe you ment Montessori???

I thought there's an educational formula, more or less, to Montessori. Unschooling, as I understand it, is not kids run amok, at least in its best practice, but rather parents and other mentors building on the child's natural eagerness to learn. Not stifling it with rules in the way many schools do. The kid I know who was unschooled is exceptional in every way I can tell, as an analytical and creative person.
May 20, 2011 thinker commented on Steve Scher's Letter Firing Cliff Mass.
Good point, @50. True. I'll look them up. I guess it's just that he's a more competent interviewer than I would be! Not saying much, of course, but I still like the program. Good point, too, about the agents of the interesting people doing the booking, not so much the producer.
May 20, 2011 thinker commented on Steve Scher's Letter Firing Cliff Mass.
I agree with @48. I also think Steve Sher does an awesome job interviewing, considering the scope of the topics all week long. His producer does an exceptional job getting interesting people on. I think he asks intelligent questions, and I've wondered if the reason Sloggers hate him is because he's not a shock jock. He doesn't stir up fights with his interviewees. How boring! I've also heard what @30 and 37 said. And as great and entertaining that Cliff Mass is, when he's speaking to groups in person, you can feel his ego and arrogance. I can easily imagine he would be hard to work with. Steve's emails? Less than wonderful.
May 11, 2011 thinker commented on Presbyterians Okay Gay Clergy.
It is only sort of positive. They now don't prohibit ordination of gays. Doesn't mean it will happen in many places. Seattle voted against this, as did North Puget Sound and Olympia. Several red states voted for. Isn't something off in this?
Apr 16, 2011 thinker commented on Are All Americans This Stupid, or Just Beer Drinkers?.
#4 is right. Isn't it obvious anything called "organic wild salmon pale ale" is a joke?
Feb 4, 2010 thinker commented on The Morning News: Giannoulias, Prius, and Jobless.
So why are you not covering the facts (refute them if you can) about Chris Bushnell, McGinn's right hand, who is apparently a convicted felon (and not on a small "oops" scale) and has continually misrepresented himself as a PhD? Are you no longer interested in city politics or are your loyalties leading you to bury this? I want McGinn to succeed, but his dedication to filling his office with his political cronies--to an extent that no recent mayor has--make me an a lot of other supporters back off and fear for our city. Where is the Stranger in this?
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