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Mar 11, 2012 amaysing commented on Pot Activists vs. Pot Activists.
Legalize it to full on commercial enterprise. The State of Washington is known world-wide for our incredibly powerful advanced strains of marijuana. It has been this way for several decades. I have not seen a seed since 1975.

The money is immense and harmless. I see bio-domes in Woodinville growing highly advanced strains to perfection created in scientific greenhouses at St. Michelle. And high level competition is immense.

The price of product is pretty well set as i feel our current illegal market sets a good price. Say an oz. of St. Michelle premium growth sells at $500. It is worth every penny. Not possible for an individual to smoke that in a month. Otherwise, you are smoking too much pot!

So, $250 of that amount is to tax. $250 provides grower and retailer profit. Tax it heavy. don't wimp out on this deal.

The tourist industry in the NW should be cashed in on. Visit Seattle and legally smoke the finest herb possible anywhere in the universe... have stoner tours where you wake and bake and get a nice breakfast at a local cool eatery, the to the Market (and freshen up while walking) and see an art house film then see a band afterwards then go back to your hotel downtown and bake and watch TV for a minute and zzzzz. Start the next day with a latte. See the Sounders that night. Get back to your hotel to see the films of the game on the news. Seattle's Best??? We'll show ya... The State Tourism people should be all over this one and pushing for legalization....

The medicinal marijuana is a good thing. Advancements need to be made there in dispensing and perscribing proper amounts in need for said ailment perscribed for. We are the Guini Pigs (in a good way) to advance medical usage of such.

Douglas Mays/NewSoul Enterprises
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Mar 11, 2012 amaysing joined My Stranger Face
Nov 15, 2009 amaysing commented on Screaming Green.
regardless of historical inaccuracies and easy, not overthought menu....

I am sold on the place by the anti-hyper vibe, etc.

Actually, sold by the name. Back during the infamous 'harmonic convergence' of 1987 I spent at Chaco Canyon. Well, near, wanted to avoid crowds... Chaco Canyon got the spiritual hype for that one. Me and g-friend opted for a mesa at Hopiland...

Anyway, sold on the name, sounds worthy of checking out. the vibe sounds preferred...