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Jun 30, 2014 sallybobally commented on Someone Needs to Get This Guy a DVD Box Set of Oz.
And he's not even RIGHT about the dudes on the plane to Chicago. There's the threatening weird panties guy, but there's also the bro that one of Piper's seat mates recognizes from the old neighborhood and is almost jovially "what can ya do?" about their respective situations.

Seriously, that was like half a scene, but it was hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. Those two characters' lives were so fucked that they reacted to encountering each other on a prisoner's flight the same way most people would to running into a high school acquaintance at the mall.
Jun 21, 2014 sallybobally commented on Saudi Women Might be Allowed to Drive in Other Countries.
@fnarf --- It sounds like the Saudis you met sucked, but that hasn't been my experience with them as a group at all. It's not "just the princes" who have the resources to travel, the KASP has sent lots of Abdullah Q Publics abroad (specifically here and the UK, b/c that's where the most prestigious schools are) for STEM field BAs, MAs, and Phds.

And I wouldn't cast too many stones about slavery--lord knows that even though it's illegal in the US (just like it is in the KSA) we there are still thousands of slaves here.
Jun 21, 2014 sallybobally commented on Saudi Women Might be Allowed to Drive in Other Countries.
Someone may've said it already, but Saudi women are absolutely allowed to drive while abroad already. I teach ESL to college kids, many of whom are Saudi women, and I'd say it's about 50/50 ladies who get drivers' licenses and those who just rely on their husbands or taxis. And it's not *just* wealthy women who are abroad now (though they are still the majority) , because the King Abdullah Scholarship Program has been sending tons of young Saudis to colleges outside the country, including middle-class and rural men and women who made good enough grades.
May 16, 2013 sallybobally commented on That's a Clown Social Networking App, Bro.
@ 21, a friend of mine just got back from bumfuck Iraq (oil worker, not military) and said the rich young Muslim kids have a dating app on their phones that lets them know when someone with the same app is in the vicinity ( so kinda, yeah, Grindr is cool).
May 16, 2013 sallybobally commented on That's a Clown Social Networking App, Bro.
@ 16 I teach a lot of Saudi Muslims, and almost none of them do the 5x a day prayer--I feel like I would notice, given that I spend about 4 hours out of the day with them. I think it's something that only really , really devoted muslims do, and you're right, they can do it anywhere, so long as it's facing mecca (the rare occasions I have seen a group of them take a break to go pray, one always has a compass).
Apr 18, 2013 sallybobally commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mystery Bulk.
Alternate scenario: your coworker has severe IBD , Ulcerative Colitis or Chrons disease, or any of the other nasty bowel disaster diseases that make grown folks shit themselves. I've known UC patients who had to wear diapers to keep a job . I got surgery before I got that bad, but I was definitely close to it a few years back.
Apr 17, 2013 sallybobally commented on Savage Love.
My fiance had phimosis really badly--it made sex difficult and painful He ended up getting circumcised at age 25, and now he's great! But we wouldn't have known what to do w/o Dan--on the real. We assumed my fiance was just "like that" until Dan ran a story that mentioned phimosis. I followed the link and found out what it was, then we found a urologist about a week later. TL; DR, thanks for talking about phimosis , Dan. It made a big difference in our lives.
Mar 1, 2013 sallybobally commented on The Eight State Solution.
Diversity without equality is meaningless. So yah, #1, anyone rational is going to disagree with your "diversity". Why do you care if they use the word? Screw semantics, I want my queer friends to be able to adopt, to not get deported if their spouse dies and they aren't a recognized citizen because their marriage wasn't federally valid, to have next of kin rights, to collect their spouse's social security. Is your damned word THAT important?
Feb 13, 2013 sallybobally commented on Anti-Gay Bigots Surprised to Learn They Don't Speak for Sullivan, Sullivan First Christian Church, Or Sullivan High School.
I'm SO SICK of hearing people refer to bigots expressing their ass-backward beleifs about gay people is a matter of "political opinion". Thinking people don't deserve rights, or that they deserve to be treated as second class citizens is a little stronger than a political opinion. It's hate.
Oct 24, 2012 sallybobally commented on A Crossdresser's Lament.
Ah, give the dude a break. He's an Executive Transvestite. Like Eddie Izzard.