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Dec 11, 2012 TaylorB1 commented on Our Aging City Hall.
If the average age of the voter is so much lower than the average age of the council, then one or both of the following must be true: 1. Voters don't care how old or young a candidate might be...there are other more important factors to consider. 2. Those who for some reason think age IS important don't bother to vote in any strong numbers. BTW some of the most rabid right-wing members of the US Congress are young Republicans in their 30s and late 20s...making a choice based on age is as stupid as making a choice based on gender or race.
Jan 5, 2012 TaylorB1 commented on Good-Bye, Turf.
Mr. Kiley's second post-script: "** The Turf has also inspired some embarrassing writing over the years: writers who overemphasized its seediness so that they could indulge in faux-Beat rhapsodies or writers who overdramatized how “intimidating” it was. I hope these memories do not contribute to that canon."

Sorry...they did!
Nov 27, 2011 TaylorB1 commented on Targeting Bar Owners.
Something does "stink" in this article...perhaps it's the fact that The Stranger is really nothing more than a PR front for bar and club owners who keep it afloat via their ad revenues. The aging hipsters in its employ have a very clear understanding of the source of their pay checks. I would also add that it's pure speculation to imagine that "a majority" of residents of any neighborhood favor extended bar hours. I'd be happy to see it put to a vote, rather than via implimentation by council fiat. Would the bar and club owners agree to that? Why should they? Not so long as they can buy favorable coverage in The Stranger and make it sound like it's part of a vast movement of "the people."
Nov 12, 2011 TaylorB1 commented on There’s a Gun to Your Head: Who’s Going to Be Elected Mayor in 2013?.
Someone asked if Seattle voters have the right to recall a Mayor. Answer is yes...Mayor Gill was recalled in the early years of the 20th century..although he later ran again and was re-elected.
Nov 12, 2011 TaylorB1 commented on New Column!.
Hahahaha...she won and, once again, The Stranger lost, and made itself look stupid in the process...oh so careful not to make fun of anyone for being black, gay, transgender, disabled, woman, etc. but you have no problem mocking someone because of his or her age. I'd say your snarky campaign against Godden actually helped her get some votes, while it further diminished your already miniscule political credibility.
Jun 13, 2011 TaylorB1 commented on Anthony Weiner Might As Well Resign.
Sad that so many of my fellow lefties and liberals are busy making excuses for Weiner and talking about Vitter (a pathetic back-bencher who has no cred in DC) when, of course, if this were about another right-wing shit bag they'd be screaming for blood. The Weiner defenders have created a cult of personality about the guy not at all different from that which the Tighty-Righties created for the likes of Sarah Palin. Weiner's career is not as important as the causes to which he is supposedly dedicated. He has become a joke and has lost credibility with other members of Congress. His "fans" seem mostly to be those who get all their political information from yapp talk shows on TV, where he has made miself a regular. Yes, he might as well resign because he's become a JOKE...it's too bad, but it's true.
May 11, 2011 TaylorB1 commented on Mr. Kucinich Goes to (This) Washington?.
Painfully twisted logic from Mr. Eli "We At the Stranger" Sanders...the comparison with Inslee is shallow and inappropriate. Jay Inslee was born and raised in the Seattle area, and had been living here for several years when he decided to challenge Rep. Rick White in 1998. To equate Inslee returning to his home town with Kucinich shopping around the USA for a seat is just plain silly.
Dec 2, 2010 TaylorB1 commented on Primo for the People.
Ms. Clement, you are one of the two or three really good writers at The Stranger...so I'm disappointed that you seem to have slopped together some "history" to pad this otherwise good review. Where did you dig up the nonsense that F&N "housed its staff" in the apartments? Or that it was ever called the Lowell Diner? It was the Lowell Dining Room for many years and it was not a "diner" and it was very much open to the public. You are a fine writer doing some of the best food reviews around (about 100 times better than that pompous ass-hat at The Weekly)...why mess it up by adding a bunch of made-up bullshit which you heard from a friend of a friend of a friend?
Apr 10, 2010 TaylorB1 commented on Comparisons Are Odious.
Oh, a THOUSAND PARDONS...in my earlier post I referred to this "newspaper" as The Weekly, when of course it is The Stranger! Sorry it's so hard to tell them apart these days.
Apr 9, 2010 TaylorB1 commented on Comparisons Are Odious.
Who writes these stupid headlines/leads for articles in The Weekly? They are bad and seem to be getting worse. Is it some unpaid teenage intern, anxious to show off the writing chops which made him/her so "cutting edge" in High School? Pathetic. Decent review...too bad that the lead was so poor I almost skipped the whole thing. "Comparisons are odious" so I won't make one between The Weekly and a real newspaper.