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Words are all lies fancied up to suit our dispositions.

ronnie_porter_was_here I'm thinking that academia might be what's killing the arts.
Jul 9, 2010 ronnie_porter_was_here commented on The Burlesque Shoah.
@43- True.
@46- Thank you! I <3 u!
Jul 8, 2010 ronnie_porter_was_here commented on The Burlesque Shoah.
Your amateur, out-dated, sexist, low, obtuse, philistine ramblings are pathetically ugly.

1) FAIL: You know how you had that moment where you felt "conflicted", that thing is called a conscious and had you used it for good, this could have been a constructive dialogue.

2) FAIL: You say, "Burlesque audiences directed and edited shows by booing, talking during numbers, and occasionally throwing things". WHOA, there MR.! That's just what this world needs is more hostility and ugliness to be encouraged. How would you like it if this were how you were treated? You can pretend like you could take it but I'm willing to bet that it would hurt you. Thank you polite people, for not resorting to stooping that low. Whether it's your thing or not, at least have the decency to walk out rather than to act like a complete idiot. Shame on you for encouraging people to boo each other, BOO ON YOU! It's takes courage for people to perform and you could be the bigger person to just simply dismiss yourself and go do something else. Does that make sense? As a parent myself, I certainly wouldn't teach my children these values, do you?

3)Fail: The other problem with your "Burlesque audiences directed and edited shows by booing, talking during numbers, and occasionally throwing things". Is that you come off sounding like some old fart whom thinks the good ole days were oh so grand. You know what else ruled back then? Open racism, sexism, homophobia, and the list goes on. Openly gay men like you would not be allowed in the position you have… think about that for a second. So , you fail to see how turning back the clock on those behaviors is inviting back the other demons we barely have begun to quell. We need to be kind to each other, Dan. Look in that bitchy black heart of yours and imagine the tragedies we all endure and ask yourself if you're being a part of that problem or not.

You fail to see that we're all in bed together and you're shitting in your own back yard. If you even took the time to get to know these people whom you so unfairly judged their character, you'd feel pretty bad right now. I know a handful of these people and they are some of the warmest, TALENTED people one could meet. I'd love to see you try to do what they do.

4) FAIL: You've abused your power. You have the opportunity to lift spirits and bring more harmony in the ripple we're in. YOU, DAN, could make our city better by lifting, not faulting. It's ok to have critical input but let's not hit below the belt or above it for that matter. Didn't your mama ever teach the thing about "If you ain't got anything good to say...."? It's something like that. Dan, at least try to be a gentleman. The world is short on those.

5) FAIL: You reference the fall of scene on the 90's which really shows how out of touch you are. A lot has changed since then. Did you know there's an African American in office?... I'm just filling you in. Anyway, you remind of when you go to an orientation at something like the SAI and realize how their text and philosophies are embarrassingly archaic. The thing about Burlesque is that it is improving, with or without people like you to poo poo on it. It's so big that they have things called "Conventions". Burlesque is here to stay, so neener, Mr. Sour puss. Every art form is saturated and it all has its course to run… duh! Your point is OLD news. Got something new to tell us?

6) FAIL: I could make a whole book from your errors but that is time I'd rather not waste. The BIGGEST mistake you made to me was attack my partner and her troop. Those ladies have more talent and heart in the pinky than you could imagine. They put on benefits for people here in the community. People with cancer, people whom don't have the money to see a dying parent, and the list goes on and on. They do GOOD for us and get nothing but love back. When was the last time you did something like that? How often are you charitable? The ladies of Sinner Saint are Seattle’s longest running and most packed show for several reasons and you are a classic case of "Pearls before swine".

You've done harm to Seattle but you won't keep us down, trust me. Your narcissism is mediocre and you need to start taking your act right pills.

If you were any kind of gentleman, you would apologize to these women.
Jan 8, 2010 ronnie_porter_was_here commented on The Problem with Bacon-Maple Doughnuts.
Thank you Stranger staff for the press. I'll talk to the people at Top Pot and make sure the next year, these donuts will be evilicious!

Ronnie Porter -aka Elvis
Nov 20, 2009 ronnie_porter_was_here updated his or her bio.
Nov 20, 2009 ronnie_porter_was_here commented on Seattle Poetry Chain 6: Crystal Curry.

Hello friends,
I am new to this forum and I'm wondering if there is any non-chain poems published here?
I think the idea of chain poetry is interesting but I work on my own. Any suggestions?

Thank you,
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