Jun 21, 2013 giygas commented on How Many Times Do You Think Trever Keith Tells Someone to Go Away? Let's Count!.
so thaaaat's what you were listening to all day.
Jun 13, 2013 giygas commented on Today's Music News: Lil Wayne Plans Retirement, Sex with Socks, and So Much More.
Guys are supposed to keep em on, girls gotta take em off. Yet another double standard. That's pretty funny though.
Jan 22, 2013 giygas commented on The Seattle Times Erases Line Between Opinion and News Departments.
i really love that people don't understand the difference between the times' and the stranger's objectives. just because they are both made out of paper does not mean they are attempting to achieve the same goals, represent the same things, or have the same context. reading comprehension yo!
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Nov 22, 2009 giygas commented on The Blind Side: White People, Very Pleased.
platypsurex: are you fucking serious? and its 'lindy', dickbucket.