Aug 12, 2015 fanta@ commented on How to Make a Kick Ass Painting.
there are many penises in that work
Feb 8, 2015 fanta@ commented on Boobs, Booze, and Black People Hair: A Very Thorough Review of Black or White.
hilarious-- i am so glad you saw this movie so i don't have to, but i can still enjoy its absurdity
May 7, 2013 fanta@ commented on Take a Vacation from Mundane Sounds.
keep the genius coming
May 7, 2013 fanta@ commented on Drunkening with Charlse Mudede.
interesting that truckers are no longer the white, bearded, beer-drinking stereotype. it's those details that change so subtly -- then, all of a sudden, "this isn't the america i knew!" haha
May 3, 2013 fanta@ commented on Take a Vacation from Mundane Sounds.
arthur is an asshat that calls himself an asshat
Apr 2, 2013 fanta@ commented on Sound City: Dave Grohl's Homage to an Analog Studio.
Pro Tools was definitely not dominating the music industry in the 80s!
Jul 28, 2012 fanta@ commented on Time, Stuff, and Love.
this was a good exhibit. it's accessible, and that's probably why art snobs will complain that it is not worthy
Feb 15, 2012 fanta@ commented on You May Be Infected Already.
I agree with Jen that, in context, Gauguin can be a very illuminating mirror for all kinds of privileged people today who think they are "bohemian." But I think that it is important to let the works stand on their own -- the viewer needs to get whatever they get out of them. My concern about her strong criticism of his character is that it might suggest his paintings ought to be dismissed altogether.
Nov 17, 2011 fanta@ commented on Sushi Circus.
you ALL should just shut the hell up and realize that you are what ruined this city a long time ago. but you won't cause you're idiots
Sep 18, 2011 fanta@ commented on I Don’t Know How She Does It: Sarah Jessica Parker Is Always a Butthole.
alison don't try to be lindy west