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Apr 2, 2011 dixies_fire commented on The Pentagon Is Still Discharging Gay Soldiers.
surprised that this is news to any of y'all has anyone heard of anyone coming out since it was appealed? Sure haven't because a directive was issued saying it hadn't been adapted into Military policy yet and nothing has changed as of yet.
Mar 26, 2011 dixies_fire commented on SL Letter of the Day: Big and Bigger.
deployed female soldier goin through a divorce here. women who prey on military husbands are evil trashy piece of crap human beings. You're both Jerks.
Nov 4, 2010 dixies_fire commented on SL Letters of the Day: Mommy & Daddy Issues.
It seems to me like alot of people here are sex positive and are automatically against anyone who they view as sex negative... My sex life has been in the toilet for jesus about 2 years now and being deployed sure isn't helping it. My husband and I have talked about it until we are blue in the face it doesn't make me want to, and I can give to him because I think he deserves it, but if I'm not enjoying it he's not enjoying it as much as we used to enjoy it together... Mind you I said deserves it, not entitled to it... He's a good man, and if he's not the same man I married 7 years ago well after 2 kids I'm not the same woman either.

That being said The second LW has a point, if you don't make an effort to be at least hygienic, I'm not going to fuck you, I don't care how much I love you, brush your teeth, wash you body and your hair, make sure there is no nose hair coming out of the wood work, and don't TRY to Gross me out that's not productive to either of us...
Aug 23, 2010 dixies_fire commented on And What Would've Happened If He Had Been a Muslim?.
okay all I have to say is I think the mosque is insensitive... we have to be pc all the time even when sometimes it doesn't make any sense to be pc. i don't endorse violence, i don't endorse hate crimes I don't think being a muslim means you are a bad person... but i think the whole idea is asking for a shit storm and pretty f-ing stupid... just because something is allowed doesn't mean it SHOULD be done. tell me what a right wing bastard I am... I know it's not true... and that's just MY opinion.
Aug 10, 2010 dixies_fire commented on I, Anonymous.
not funny...don't you dare reproduce.
Aug 10, 2010 dixies_fire commented on Fuck the South.
Alabama pays more in State tax then Hawaii the previously highest taxed state. Alabama even with a ten percent sales tax has no money for roads or schools.... If you knew anything about the south you would know about the reverse racism that goes on, it's hard to get a job, because of affirmative action. That being said.. I'm a democrat, and just because a state is judged as being a "red state" doesn't mean everyone who lives there is. Mostly the only people who vote in the state are rich and white and old who remember riots and getting beaten during the civil rights movement. As opposed to I, idealistic and poor and white. I'd rather be, idealistic, poor and white and a Southern Democrat, then snobby nose shoved in the air, northern Democrat, who thinks the world rises and sets on Seattle. Because people are so much greener and Eco-friendly. SO much more educated and refined that all they can do is scream at each other on a website.
Jul 27, 2010 dixies_fire commented on SL Letter of the Day: Always Be Disclosing.
@#35 Asymptomatic herpes is not something that most doctors will test for... according to 3 doctors of my acquaintance unless you have had an outbreak and until you do have that first outbreak you don't "HAVE" herpes... I know that is not something that most people will understand...I had a hard time with that fact myself thus why I have asked 3 doctors not just one... but the case in point is... herpes doesn't show up until your immune system is compromised in some way, lowers and allows you to have an outbreak... this may not happen for years after the exposure, or it may happen right away... unless you are a virgin or have only had sex with one partner you have no real way of knowing who gave it to you... And that has been stated by numerous doctors to me as well...People think they know the facts about stds... They don't they know the propaganda... the lily white thought that it will always be okay and if it's not then I will know who gave this life altering shit to me... the fact is you don't always know, and it doesn't always work out the way you think it will.
Jul 2, 2010 dixies_fire commented on It's All Fun And Games Until Someone....
Speaking as a soldier I don't think it is demoralizing... Ultimately what we all want is to have a country to come home to that has some semblance of the one we've grown up in, that means no Depression, No recession, and jobs so that if we choose to soldiers can leave the military and have a place in the civilian world.

From what I hear so far. I deploy in August so we will find out, is there is no fighting going on, insurgents mortar us, shoot at us, and there is nothing we can do...We arrest people for suspicion and without photographic evidence of them conspiring as a terrorist they are released over and over again.

If the war were to end tomorrow I would be happy that I no longer have to search the Army Times for people I know who might be Dead.

Afghanistan does not want our help, the people there do everything in their power to take our money and use it against any effort to make it a stronger nation of peace.
Feb 25, 2010 dixies_fire commented on New French Anti-Smoking Campaign.
are you KIDDING? no one has said that this promotes bad ideas about homosexuality, hate mongering, so on and so forth? I can't believe this as I was watching the video by the Onion I was thinking surely this is a joke....
Dec 18, 2009 dixies_fire commented on US Army General's Order May Delay Christ's Second Coming! What Will Chuck Norris Do?.
The Army doesn't pay for abortions or provide abortion services. So assuming they can't get R and R and go home to have an abortion, it simply means people will face court martial and jail time period if pregnancy occurs. The Army also makes it pretty damn difficult to get a tubal ligation after you've had the number of children you want to have unless you are over the age of 26, even though they frown on pregnancy of female active duty service members as a whole, even those who are state side. Viewing it as a "get out of deployment" tactic, because of the six month delay for recovery time after the baby is born.