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Jan 13 BornAgainInBellevue commented on The Morning News: State Supreme Court Rules Against Grays Harbor Oil Terminal, DOJ Opens Comey Investigation.
@9 & 10

Respectfully, Lindy used to write for the Stranger.

This might be the funniest thing I've ever read and the Titanic re-release review she did at the Stranger is close.…
Dec 6, 2016 BornAgainInBellevue commented on Twenty Years of Tini Bigs.
Today I learned that mixing vodka with any number of crappy DeKuiper liqueurs and maybe some cranberry juice is craft cocktails. Farewell to a place that I went once in about 1998 and never again.
Oct 30, 2016 BornAgainInBellevue commented on Seahawks Lose to New Orleans Saints, But Hate The Game, Not The Players.
Hey look. Seahawks analysis after a loss whines about officials. Whiniest fans in the league 12s. The officials totally held C. Michael to 40 yards. The officials totally made Wilson throw a pick deep in Hawks territory. The officials totally made N.O. tear up a tired defense.
Sep 22, 2016 BornAgainInBellevue commented on Hillary's Poll Numbers Are Improving (But There's No Improving the Electoral College).
The Electoral College is keeping me sane as a handful of National polls showed Trump ahead. If you looked at individual state data and the EVs that are, short of some incredible turn of events, in the bag for Hillary, Trump can miraculously run the table of states polling inside the margin of error and still fall six EVs short of being president.
Sep 19, 2016 BornAgainInBellevue commented on The Seahawks Offense Is Not As Good As We Had Previously Hoped.
See Bad Thing #2
- Seatttle fan next week will be talking about Forty-Whiners.

Bad Thing #2.5 -Richard Sherman running his mouth after missing a tackle and giving up an extra three yards. The woofing is funny when you're winning and sad and ass-holish when you're not.
May 2, 2016 BornAgainInBellevue commented on In 5-4 Vote, City Council Kills Street Vacation for New Sodo Arena.
Great. Nothing but the awful acoustics of Key for National touring acts for the forseeable future.

I hope a few of them shell out for Adelle tickets and then wonder why she sounds so garbled and echo-ey.
Mar 18, 2016 BornAgainInBellevue commented on A World of Cuisines Awaits You from the Othello Light Rail Station.
Am I the only one who remembers Goldy already writing this very article before you fired him or was that only over on horsesass that he described the food of the Othello station?
Feb 8, 2016 BornAgainInBellevue commented on We Need a Ruling On the Snickers Superbowl Ad.
I've never been a big fan of the SpokesCorpse.
Feb 6, 2016 BornAgainInBellevue commented on For the First Time in Years, the Seahawks Will Not Be Playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday.
@10. So when the Seahawks won a Super Bowl you were super upset that the FanFest was in Times Square instead of Jersey? Why the Hell aren't they called the Arllington Cowboys? I really think the Landover Redskins should drop the racist name.
Feb 5, 2016 BornAgainInBellevue commented on For the First Time in Years, the Seahawks Will Not Be Playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The Super Bowl in 2013 was played between the 49ers and the Ravens. The Seahawks have not played in a Superbowl since 2014. You could say the Seahawks played in the Super Bowl in the 2013 Season but the game is always in the following year.