Sep 22, 2014 Salad commented on Wanna Cuddle with Strangers?.
Wait a minute, how is my parasitic twin any of my partner's business? She's nothing more than a fetal lump nestled in between my spleen and liver. It's not like she's contagious and I'm exposing my boyfriend to a parasitic twin outbreak! It would only weird him out to learn about her I'm sure. Some things are better to keep private.
Aug 7, 2014 Salad commented on When It Comes to Skate Parks, Seattle Has No Idea What It's Doing.
On the bright side I'm glad the Stranger did a feature piece on skateparks in Seattle. They're a fairly big deal and it's great to have a conversation about them!

@18, why not both fullpipes and flat ledges? I'm with you for what it's worth, I can't ollie high enough to skate westlake, but I'll drive up to Arlington or even *shudder* Kent to skate those full pipes!
Aug 7, 2014 Salad commented on When It Comes to Skate Parks, Seattle Has No Idea What It's Doing.
If you can look past the snarky tone of this article (isn’t that a requirement for getting published in the Stranger?) there’s some solid points. Yes, it hurts to hear criticism of the skatepark plan that has taken a decade as well as plenty of sweat and tears to enact, but it doesn’t mean the process couldn’t be improved.

Scott, Kate, and Ben—I know you all (this is Sally) and I know how hard you’ve worked and the fruits of your labor are present in the fantastic skateparks we have in this city.

I also understand Tobias’s frustration. Why does their have to be a massive bureaucratic planning process, including separate design and build bids and community forums where curmudgeon old property owners get to air their many grievances about the existence of skateboarders at length when all we want is a couple of ledges—naturally occurring features in an urban environment!—that have a street light or two on them? Yes, a lot of this rigmarole is unavoidable, but I think it’s possible to streamline the process a bit to put in some inexpensive and simple street plaza features in our parks. Or simply legalize skateboarding in Westlake park. And the city could potentially save money doing it!

It is unfortunate that the Red Bull skatespace is the highlight of this article because it’s a poor example as it was privately financed and designed. But the point that simple, lit spots are sorely needed is a valid one. We skateboarders are doing well in this city, but we can do better.
Aug 7, 2014 Salad commented on When It Comes to Skate Parks, Seattle Has No Idea What It's Doing.
@1, what an inane comment. Seattle is a huge skateboarding city with thousands of skatepark users. It makes perfect sense to have diverse features in our parks. Just like hiking trails, tennis courts, soccer fields and playgrounds make our city fun, beautiful and live-able so do our heavily utilized skateparks. Though we don’t have the reputation that California has, we actually have a thriving skate industry here in Seattle. We’re home to not just indie skateshops but manufacturers and skateboarding brands (Lib Tech, Amigos, Sausage, Dirty Bearings, Fellas, Midnight Ice Cream to name a few) as well as (ironically in the context of this article) one of the world’s premier skatepark design and build firms Grindline. It’s not just some little hobby, it’s a fucking industry. It’s also a huge tourist draw. We would be foolish to dismiss it.

But if you’re still convinced that skateboarders are just a pack of entitled brats cruise on down to East Marginal Way and South Hanford and take a look at the skatepark under 99. Marginal Way has been build with 100% volunteer labor and 100% donations from the skateboarders of this city. In addition to being world famous Marginal is no anomaly. DIY skateparks are fixtures in most major cities—google Burnside, Leeside, Washington Street, and Channel Street for just the most famous DIY parks on the west coast. When was the last time you saw tennis enthusiasts pouring a slab for a free public court? Or golfers making and maintaining free courses for the city paid for entirely with private donations?

Skaters have had to fight an uphill battle at every turn to advocate for facilities for their sport. They’ve become one of the most industrious and creative groups around. Red Bull put in this godawful (but well-intentioned) sculpture because they want an in on skate culture. You may never take skateboarding seriously, but plenty of other people and industries do. Seattle will do well to follow suit.
Oct 24, 2013 Salad commented on Violet Sweet Shoppe’s Secret.
Angry vegans are a trope, but they're nothing compared to the real-life subset of people who are irrationally enraged when someone leaves butter out of their desserts.
Oct 22, 2013 Salad commented on Vice Founder Gavin McInnes Says Women "Naturally" Want to Be Homemakers.
These rants make the assumption that work is "optional" for women...uh, how so? Who can afford the luxury of a stay at home spouse of either gender anymore? It's not feminism's fault that women have to work either-- non-upper class women have ALWAYS had to work to survive and support their families.
Jul 10, 2013 Salad commented on How to Pronounce "Pagliacci".
@96, Yeah. Unnecessarily confrontational. Not offering daiya for a pizza topping is hardly a slap in the face to Seattle's vegans. No reason not to eat Pagliacci. Although it would be cool if they offered a vegan pesto topping. I always put (cheese-free!) pesto on my homemade vegan pizzas.
Jul 10, 2013 Salad commented on How to Pronounce "Pagliacci".
But Pagliacci DOES have vegan pizza. For 10 years I've been calling them up and literally saying "I'd like the veggie vegan pizza" and I get their veggie with no cheese. They don't put eggs or dairy in their crust and there's no meat chunks in their marinara. These pizzas are bomb and actually fairly healthy. Why the hate?
Jun 11, 2013 Salad commented on Why Street Harassment Matters.
@17 I believe you when you say these guys aren't acting out of malevolence. For that, they would have to acknowledge that women don't like being street harassed and then do it anyway. "Well intentioned" guys behaving this way don't acknowledge that women have dislikes or feelings at all. Like Anna said, they don't have to think about how it's going to affect a woman's day so they DON'T. I'm sure they get a rush or some giggles or blow off steam when they do it. I'm sure their enjoyment or showing off for their friends is all they think about at the time. But that's why this is a feminist argument. It's bullshit to excuse dehumanizing behavior directed at someone because that's someone is a woman and dude doesn't feel obligated to treat women like fellow human beings. The fact that guys have come into the comments insisting that women are wrong for feeling shitty about the harassment is another example of how full personhood isn't being attributed to females: hey you women, it's a compliment! You'll feel how I tell you to feel about it!
Aug 24, 2012 Salad commented on Pop Punk Puberty.
@61 Wow, thanks! So sorry about mis-spelling your name Megan. Please keep writing pieces like this. Yeah, we've never met, but I've been reading the stranger forever. Every once and awhile y'all will publish a gem narrative about pop culture and formative personal experience.