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Gay rugby guy from Denver CO.

Mar 6, 2012 RugbySkin commented on Rule of the Internet #34.

Waiter? I'm going to need Fire. And LOTS of it.
Jan 10, 2012 RugbySkin commented on Who Is This Guy?.
Least Ben doesn't have the ol' Herp scar on his lip...
Jan 5, 2012 RugbySkin commented on SL Letter of the Day: Monogamish Week, Day 3.
@1 and 3 I feel bad for Seth Green... That career is kinda over...
Dec 15, 2011 RugbySkin commented on Should You Fuck Tim Tebow?.
Jul 2, 2011 RugbySkin commented on "Jusths becauthes thomeone feelss it or thinkthss it.".
A Feather Boa and Neckerchief would butch him up a bit.
Jun 3, 2011 RugbySkin commented on A Brand New Way to Beg Your Spouse for Sex.
@ Fnarf and Mudkips. You 2 have the best comments. ROUND ONE! FIGHT!!!
Jun 3, 2011 RugbySkin commented on Civil Unions Come to Illinois.
Damn Honkees
Jun 3, 2011 RugbySkin commented on Savage, 34.
We'll all shake our heads with bemusement when people claim that the world is 6000 years old, but, to quote a previous post on here today) BITCH, PLEASE! (Spoken with all the love in the world)
May 31, 2011 RugbySkin commented on Using the Bible to Justify Your Bigotry—It's Nothing New.
Oh, and my above comment should have included a MichealK patented Sophia Loren bitcheye in the seatleblues direction...

So sorry for the oversight.
May 31, 2011 RugbySkin commented on Using the Bible to Justify Your Bigotry—It's Nothing New.
I'd like to see the religious wrong be so vehement about all the other things the holey bible forbids. I don't see all the religious folks on my rugby team burning the mixed fiber short/ jerseys we have to wear. I see a lot of them with ink. We go to a bar with some awesome pork BBQ on the menu (I don't partake because my mom has sworn em to eat her pork BBQ and no others under pain or torture). There are divorced people all around us here but no one gives them shit. So as it stands right now, people are just justifying their cherry picked hatred and bigotry with something that backs up their biases. Like people who say America is the greatest rugby nation cause we won the last gold medals in the 20's for the sport. They're annoying dicks and no amount of reason and well researched studies or documentation can dissuade them. So like when Rick Santorum tried to shake my hand back when I was living in Carlisle, you say "Sorry, I don't associate or touch closet case gay Republicans."