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May 25, 2012 chrstphre commented on Last Days.
Circumventing Laws to Outlaw Gay Marriage

Why is The Government in The Marriage Business Anyways?

It seems ( additionally ) that while The Republicans have a platform of giving carte Blanche to Huge Corporations & Other Businesses, insisting that The Government has no place in Regulating their Financial or Environmental Policies, They are Absolutely comfortable micromanaging The Sexual & Personal Preferences of Individual Citizens ( ! )

What Advantages are there to Being Married; Legally;
And can A Couple of Indeterminate Sexual Identity obtain those same Advantages by some other Means?

- -
Might it be ‘Curious’ if The Gay Community simply sidestepped The Marriage Issue by Creating its own ‘Kwanzaa’ Version of Marriage !
And by this; i mean;
A Completely Alternative & Arguably Superiour ‘Joining’ of Committed Souls to take possession of this Sanctity.
Like Blacks stealing The Confederate Flag from The Red Necks and making it Synonymous with their own Black Heritage.

This New Ceremony would be Far More ‘Ceremonial’ than Conventional Marriages,
Casting The Anachronistic Marriage into a Feeble Shadow that Heterosexual Couples have to endure as Second Class Citizens of Soul Binding ( ! )

i just hate The Idea of Gay Marriages settling for weak descriptions of their Fusion,
Such as; Civil Union or some such.

It needs an Entirely New Name :
Such as :
A Ptionturentio Liturgy
The Ressiesse Fusion
A Ountconsi Melding
The Holy Xche Synthesis
A Sacred Deaem Coalescence

Once established; The Couples and An Established Movement, Orchestrated with Legal Council, would form legal or QuasiLegal Arrangements with Various Institutions, Such as Insurance Companies, Medical Facilities and Such that would Recognize these Unions for Convenience or Profit. While The Union may not be State Sanctioned; Any Arrangements made with These Institutions would include provisions that would make them equitable in every Legal Sense.

Then The Gay Community could initiate Legislation to Recognize The Ressiesse Fusion Rituals & Liturgy, as performed by Recognized, Tax Exempt, Religious Orders so as to Grant such Couples all Additional Cultural Benefits.

If Any other Religious or Political Groups were to Suggest that This Institution is Not Marriage and should Not be Recognized as Such, The Proponents of The Ountconsi Melding would agree completely, and remind their critics that they are proposing an Entirely New Custom or Tradition that is not in any form, in competition with Their Religiously Defended Concept of HeteroSexual, Racial Pure, Height & Weight Adjusted, Marriage.
Oct 31, 2011 chrstphre commented on Last Days.
It seems to me that until this recent 'blow up' concerning Libya and MQ, It was generally reported that the L-People loved him. ???
It was only after The ( CIA e.g. ??? ) started meddling in things, probably because we're itching to start another war, and Iran is next in line.

Also; i've noticed now for quite some time that Last Days seems to be taking the 'Man's' Version of Things a little too frequently...! ?

Is this The Stranger that i fell in Love With ???

And when will;
Something's moving; Shoot It, SHOOT IT!
Not be OK ???
Oct 31, 2011 chrstphre commented on Last Days.
Masturbation ( Perfectly OK
Children ( Perfectly OK
when does two Rights make a Wrong ?

Bonobos masturbate in front of their children all the time, and they don't have TV or The Internet Either ! ( both scourges of the featherless parakeets existence ! )
Sep 26, 2011 chrstphre commented on Last Days.
What Western Civilization should have is an alternative to Prison/Jail which recognizes that some people are just not fit for unsupervised community living. When such individuals are Identified, While still in Grade or High School, They are moved to a Small, Isolated town or community in Arizona or New Mexico, surrounded by 500 miles of harsh desert, where they can live perfectly ordinary lives, but in a substantially more supervised environment.
Sep 12, 2011 chrstphre commented on Last Days.
The most annoying aspect of living in a free society; Is enduring the freedom of your neighbors.
Aug 22, 2011 chrstphre commented on Last Days.
Is the whole world upside down?
First : Why is it one of western civilizations worst crimes to be a human being? Wearing clothes should be illegal, not the other way around.
And suits worn by bznzmen are 99% equivalent to Burkas.
Two : Why do Republicans love dumbasses so much?
C : Casio's are worse than the stock market, they can't even play by their own rules !
Ω : Does the Ark come with animals? i am more in favor of it, if you can get all the animals in it; this is something that will settle many bar bets.
Jul 25, 2011 chrstphre commented on Last Days.
When you post news about an especially kooky event, it might be nice, but the niggardly space allocated to Last Days would probably not allow for, All The Juicy Details.
Specifically; In The Kostolniks Affair; From what little i've been able to find on this: =She didn't actually see the guy kiss her son; she heard it. Everywhere else I've read that he kissed the boy on the lips, but this isn't established. She then ran upstairs crying "We've moved next door to a paedophile!"= - What i'm most curious about, is What Happened after the police arrived, if in fact they were called. How much craziness was Ardolf made to endure, before he went nuts.
Jul 8, 2011 chrstphre commented on Last Days.
What was causing the cloudiness ?
Jun 28, 2011 chrstphre commented on Last Days.
Considering The Current Leading Candidate for The Republican Party: Michele Bachmann,
Who recently ( ? ) gave a speech insisting that our founding fathers, circa 1776, were actively fighting to free the slaves, i wonder again;
Why do Republicans have such a strident preference for Picking Imbeciles to Lead the Country?
Yes; It's true that most of the damp masses are lop headed morons, But i think that on another level; Most people are suspicious of people that are smarter than they are. They genuinely want a leader that is no smarter than they are, Just more Confident; And Michele, Sarah, Dan & George are certainly very confident in themselves.
Jun 28, 2011 chrstphre commented on Last Days.
Given that 'they' are considering prosecuting the students that possess an image that may or may not be vaguely suggestive of what may or may not be harmless petting, Has there been any consideration to Prosecuting the School Administrators that actually, knowingly ( editorial control ) published it... ?
i didn't think so.