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Nov 4, 2015 Peteykins commented on Gay Guys React to Racist Grindr Profiles.
Yeah, I agree with the folks above who are against banning such things, because it's such an easy way to identify at least one kind of asshole.
Jun 25, 2015 Peteykins commented on Single Christian Lady Bristol "Screw As I Say, Not As I Screw" Palin is Pregnant Again.
Whoops, sorry, it was "huge disappointment" not "terrible disappointment". Still: fun!
Jun 25, 2015 Peteykins commented on Single Christian Lady Bristol "Screw As I Say, Not As I Screw" Palin is Pregnant Again.
My favorite part is where she calls her pregnancy a "terrible disappointment", which will be really fun for her child to read later.
Oct 22, 2014 Peteykins commented on Hey, Who's This Guy? Bakery Owner Terry Hofman Considers a Run for Seattle City Council.
I'm hearing a LOT of right-wing dog whistles in what this guy is saying.
Sep 25, 2014 Peteykins commented on We Live in the Future, Where Technology Is About Everything but What the Customer Wants.
The "share on Facebook/share on Twitter" buttons at the end land this piece a touch of grandeur.
May 15, 2014 Peteykins commented on Funny/Not Funny: Mandatory Vagina Inspections.
Here's how I explain situations like this:

GOOD bad taste subverts the status quo, while BAD bad taste gives the status quo a leg-up.

This is clearly a case of the latter.
May 13, 2014 Peteykins commented on RuPaul's Drag Race Episode 13 Was So Pointless I'm Barely Going to Recap It for You.
I thought Ben was delightful, but a bit of a one-trick pony. Still, I was surprised she didn't make it to the end.

Laganja was probably my least favorite queen ever. She was the first post-drag-race contestant. Everything out of her mouth was a line from a previous season. Terrible. And her tantrums were ludicrous.

Adore certainly has star potential, and I liked her a lot, but Bianca was AWESOME. Courtney? Eh.
Feb 7, 2014 Peteykins commented on Better Than Fried Chicken.
@#9, just as not all Christians are intolerant young-earth creationists, not all progressives are strident, killjoy vegetarians.
Feb 7, 2014 Peteykins commented on Historic Riders: Iron Maiden June 28th, 1983.
Good lord, how many pee breaks did they need to take during their set?
Feb 5, 2014 Peteykins commented on CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco at Its 7,600 US Stores.
Sort of repeating my comment from the later post.

CVS is doing this to streamline their self-checkout system. By removing age-restricted items from the self-checkout lines, they'll be able to cut staff, eliminate more cash registers, etc. I really doubt this is about caring about customer health, as pointed out by comment #2 and others.