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  • Punch Buggy or Slug Bug
  • Poneman or Pavitt
  • Dan Savage or Charles Mudede
  • Where do you buy your WOW Gold?: Barney's
  • What book have you read the most?: The Great Brain

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May 19 beccoid commented on Savage Love.
So basically people should waste trans people's time by leading them on when they already know they won't be interested? How is that nicer than being upfront? Trans people don't need an insincere sympathy date!
Apr 29 beccoid commented on Pointing Out That Randy Boehning Is Bi = Biphobia.
This guy is so gross. Can we put his sexuality up for a vote, and make him asexual?
Apr 24 beccoid commented on SL Letter of the Day: Shapes and Sizes.
At least she didn't fund bestiality porn, and get mad that he only likes her because she looks like an angry marmot.
Apr 3 beccoid commented on New A&E Show About Ambushing, Shaming, Lying About Sex Workers.
Here's a good way to convince someone to leave sex work in 3 minutes: offer her a job that pays better and has better working conditions.
Mar 24 beccoid commented on Not Your Hotwife.
"Hotwifing" should be more like Hotboxing or Hotknifing. Like, it could be when some dude blows pot smoke into your wife's cooter, and you suck it out.
Feb 12 beccoid commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pups.
There's a reason most 11-year olds snicker when someone says "breast" or "penis". All sex is ridiculous, but much less so when you want to have it.
Jan 14 beccoid commented on SL Letter of the Day: New Dad's Urge Surge.
Clearly, LW just wants simplicity.

Specifically the simplicity of a tiny apartment with one chair and one fork, as his money will soon all go to child support.
Jan 13 beccoid commented on Bret Stephens Is Not Charlie Hebdo.
Thanks for posting the cover.
Dec 12, 2014 beccoid commented on You Think the City Is Changing Rapidly?.
Who are these mysterious "artists" you always hear about kicking off gentrification? Gays, there are plenty. Actual artists, trying to make a living with it, or working part-time to really make art? There are 4 of them.

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