Mar 24 beccoid commented on Two Openly Gay Candidates Are Running For Office Up In Anchorage—Or Is It Three?.
The Alaskans I've met have all been gay-friendly or, at worst, gay-ambivalent. They really don't care who or what you do, as long as you'd use your truck to pull theirs out of a snow bank.

Now if you try to take their gun, that's a different story.
Mar 21 beccoid commented on I, Anonymous: Stop Hawking Your Loogies on the Sidewalk.
It seems particularly common among some Asian immigrants. Which makes me feel like a racist asshole for noticing the pattern. Which makes me even more furious about the loogies.
Mar 17 beccoid commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: You Heard It Here First, Cousin.
You know, I really don't think the fact that he is her cousin is the problem here.
Mar 1 beccoid commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Straight Uncle Offers Trans Nephew A Summer in the City (But Mom Says No).
It probably is just a phase, just as teenage sexuality is a wonderful, messed-up phase for all of us. Now, the next phase may involve genital reconstructive surgery. Or maybe hot gender-bending dress action. And he may eventually stay home and raise kids. But he's unlikely to ever be a totally straight lady.
Feb 27 beccoid commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Longest SLLOTD Ever Posted.
@24 good point. Back at ya.
Feb 27 beccoid commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Longest SLLOTD Ever Posted.
If only we could put as much energy into fixing the country as we do into obsessing about breakups...
Feb 1 beccoid commented on Guest Editorial: An Open Letter to My Mother, Who Voted for Trump.
Commie, who's paying for your social services, while you spend all day wanking to your own slog comments rather than working?
Feb 1 beccoid commented on God Is Into Chastity Play.
Porn pre-dates the Old Testament. Actually, maybe the whole Big Bang thing was just a single God Wad after he'd watched some awesome God Pron, and we're still flying through the air, but very close to hitting God's Shower Floor and being swished down God's Drain. So I guess what I'm saying is the looming extinction of the Bengal Tiger is not that big a deal. Watch porn to create your own universe, but you'll also be cruelly killing it.
Jan 31 beccoid commented on Oh, Look. There's a Dumb Gay Person On the Top of the NYT Homepage..
Not to mention, the Orlando shooter shot up the nightclub because he was gay and was mad at the guys in there for not giving him the action he thought he deserved. Just another angry American dick.
Jan 12 beccoid commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up.
I have to disagree with the conclusion of the last comment, about Trump supporters at a gay wedding. They won't view it as "gay people are just fine and wonderful so we should support them." They'll view it as "we went to a gay wedding so we're not homophobes, and they were happy and getting married so anti-LGBQT discrimination doesn't occur and we don't need to do anything to support them."