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Liberal, tallish- that about covers it.

Feb 23, 2015 Tom X commented on Passerby Says Police Harassed Young Muslims Offering Hugs at Pike Place Market.
That poor, unbalanced, deformed looking cop. Someone should put him in a jar so future generations could laugh at him.
Jul 17, 2014 Tom X commented on Full Text of Microsoft CEO's Letter About Cutting 18,000 Jobs.
The company has been adrift for awhile now. Their corporate culture offers no incentive for new ideas or hard work, the middle management chokes both creativity and productivity and the upper management is a classless, clueless and arrogant bunch of dullards lacking both vision and communication skills. Their way of doing business has been to all but ignore developing market trends, and to release broken software and fix it when the complaints roll in, using their customer base as frustrated, fucked-over beta testers. Mix in their practice of moving jobs off shore and screwing their talented spear carriers and you have a dinosaur with a heart murmur and a hacking cough that can only be saved through unnatural and artificial means.

Let's not forget that nothing here has changed at all since this article was first published a couple of years ago:…
Nov 29, 2013 Tom X commented on Rush Limbaugh No Longer Cutting the Pope Any Slack.
The Pope: "Check on what that racist walking heart attack is saying, won't you? I don't want to move forward until I reach a consensus with all of the misogynistic drug addicted liars on talk radio in America."

All in attendance: (Laughter)
Oct 26, 2013 Tom X commented on God Denies Wanting Eastside Sound Transit Site for Mars Hill Church.
The Church of Jesus the Bro can set up their tents in another town. Fucking idiots and their hillbilly revivals just don't fit with the lean fighting machine that is Seattle.
Sep 16, 2013 Tom X commented on Why Did Star Trek Into Darkness Suck?.
I cannot believe that you are paid as a professional writer, Paul. Features like this, which would be a cakewalk for a clever writer to write, are garbled, unfunny word salads in your hands lately. Too much Buzzfeed in your morning reading?
Aug 26, 2013 Tom X commented on Do You Know What Makes a Perfect Peach (Unbelievably!) Even More Perfecter?.
The baby talk writing in The Stranger and on The Slog is one of the reasons I don't pick up the physical paper these days. "Perfecter" is an attempt to sound cutesy and adorable, and yet it's neither. It's lazy and annoying.
Aug 13, 2013 Tom X commented on Mad Max, Lenny Bruce, and 'the harvest-gold appliances of nineteen-seventies kitchens'.
It might have been posted less than a day ago, but I read that same piece weeks ago. It was originally posted on July 1st. I just checked my bookmark for it.
Aug 11, 2013 Tom X commented on It's Take Your Gun to Starbucks Day!.
There are thousands of reasons not to go to Starbucks, even if you had no taste buds and you were under the impression that they made drinkable coffee. This gun shit is just the latest reason. They're the WalMart of the coffee drinking experience.

This site collects the alternatives to Starbucks (or any corporate coffee chain) and suggests those closest to your location.
Aug 7, 2013 Tom X commented on Hostile Policing.
That cop should have been put in a jar of formaldehyde years ago for his abusive, dangerous behavior.