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just now MarkH commented on What Do You Think of President Obama's Khaki Suit?.
@9, i wish that I could get away with wearing the same suits Al Roker. 44L though. Seersucker,green...
Aug 6 MarkH commented on European Space Agency's Rosetta Satellite Is Now Orbiting a Comet.
I use the phrase "Newton-meters" whenever possible. Foot- pounds sounds like someone stepping on a lug wrench.
Aug 6 MarkH commented on Photo of the Week: Whiskey and Bears.
The teapot gas station has been moved into Zillah. They had to cover the glass domeof the gas pumps with sheet metal so they wouldn't get shot out at the original location.
May 31 MarkH commented on First Draft.
Rogers Pilsner from Georgetown is a great local pils.
May 24 MarkH commented on Poor Little Fixie/NIMBY Porn.
@11,how do you know for sure the restaurant worker isn't working the day shift? Many cyclists, including some fixie riders have clip on lights. Reflectors don't do shit.
May 21 MarkH commented on Tacos for the People at Red Star Taco Bar.
"These ones" ?? Come on, use your grammar.
Apr 1 MarkH commented on Remove Your Studded Tires, People.
Studies have shown that studs are only beneficial on compact ice. Most of the traction is coming from the tire tread itself. But not like you think. The tire doesn't grip the road like a claw, the soft compound allows the snow to pack into the tire tread and it's this snow on snow contact that provides the grip. The WSP quit using studs on their mostly RWD fleet over 10 years ago. People use the "I feel safer with studs" argument but ignore the research that has proven that studded tires increase your stopping distance on dry or wet roads. I agree that there should be a hefty user fee on studs and a gradual faze out, starting with a ban on studs on all wheel drive vehicles.
Apr 1 MarkH commented on Remove Your Studded Tires, People.
They are also incredibly wasteful as the tires are replaced when the studs wear out but there is still years of tread life left on the tire. I've been using my Michelin X-Ice stud less tires since 2005, taking them off after 4 months and rotating them. They've got me through every Spokane winter.
Mar 22 MarkH commented on In Film Court, Jury Finds Forrest Gump Not Guilty.
A much better movie is "being there" with Peter Sellars

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