Aug 14, 2013 b1anne commented on The Northeast Blackout of 2003 Was 10 Years Ago Today.
I was at a company conference in NYC at The Westin in Times Square. Unlike most hotels in Times Square, ours was awesome - they kept bringing out carts of ice cream, various snacks for us to eat before they spoiled/melted. The bulk of us grabbed some prime seats in their lobby bar and proceeded to drink ourselves silly. When we all started to worry about ATMs (we were using our cash to buy the booze), I convinced the bar manager to start a tab and take an imprint of my corporate card so that we would all have cash the next morning for the taxis to the airports. It was the largest bar tab I have ever had....four figures.

The main thing I'll take away is how quiet and dark Times Square was and how the Marriott Marquis kicked people out of their hotel and they were sleeping on the street. And how much I learned about co-workers that day. Some were chill; some were panicked and convinced the taxi drivers would fleece us in the morning trying to grab cabs to the airport; some were assholes who would not let Brooklyn based co-workers crash in their rooms; some became friends for life as the liquor flowed.

Newark Airport had full power the next morning. Taxi drivers were all swell and did not price gouge. My boss paid the bar tab. All was well....and probably the bravest (or stupidest) thing I ever did was taking the generator-powered elevator back to my room on the 36th floor that night.
Jul 18, 2012 b1anne commented on Here is a PSA Against Gay Marriage from Focus on the Family.
#13 wins the day...I totally thought the cop was going to start hitting on him. W. T. F. indeed.
Jun 1, 2012 b1anne commented on So, Did Liquor Prices Go Up?.
Thriftway in LFP has Tito's Vodka for 22.99 pre tax, which is not half bad for me. And the selection was decent. I am's all about finding the local stores that care about selection. As for higher prices? I'm from Texas and know of low prices on booze, but this i is still better than the DMV-like experience that was the WSLCB stores.
May 2, 2012 b1anne commented on Remember, Kids....
#43 FTW
Oct 6, 2011 b1anne commented on "To Those Who Cite the Absence of a Single Message as Evidence of Protesters' Disorganization, Naivete , Etc., I Say, Get Real".
@17 '"Why expect a single message out of an uprising comprising people all over the nation?"

Uhm, because that's the difference between an effective political protest and a mob?"

No - I think it's the difference between an astro-turfed protest "movement" vs. an organic political protest. Occupy [insert location here] is what grassroots look like: messy, complicated and real. Not the force-fed bullshit the Tea party was given by the various organziations pulling the strings and managing the message.
Aug 24, 2011 b1anne commented on Announcing the Jimmy Hendricks Manpurse Happy Hour!.
The rooftop deck is kind of awesome....
Aug 18, 2011 b1anne commented on We Lived to Serve, We Served to Live.
@3 - the Jim's on Hildebrand! Good place...I spent many a late night there. I never worked there, but I went to school down the road - we had the "Lasso Guy" back in my day. He'd stand outside the Jim's around midnight and practice his lasso-throwing in the parking lot. If it was hot, he'd strip down to his skivvies. He was there at least once or twice every weekend....
Jun 15, 2011 b1anne commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Well, Hello Beard.
The beard is for a play he's doing on Broadway - the Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo...
Jun 10, 2011 b1anne commented on Battle of the Crap Lyrics!.
Shakira wins this hands down:

"Lucky that my breasts are small and humble
So you don't confuse them with mountains."

What the?