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Apr 24 venomlash commented on The Morning News: Cliff Mass Says GOP Not Anti-Science, Seattle is the 9th-Most Expensive City in the World.
@19: Cliff, I'm usually on your side when it comes to Mudede's feud with you, but I think your chosen metric (of raw funding totals) is facile and fails to accurately model political attitudes towards science. American conservatives may fund (some types of) research, but they also show a troubling willingness to meddle with research for ideological reasons. You need look no further than the campaign of persecution waged against climate scientists, the effective ban on research into the causes and underpinnings of gun violence by the CDC, the suppression of findings related to tobacco, and the arbitrary restrictions imposed on the use of embryonic stem cells.
The Republican Party actively attempts to impose its ideology on science; Democrats tend to let the experts work towards their own conclusions.
Apr 22 venomlash commented on Read More: 5 Articles Written by Ijeoma Oluo That Aren't About Rachel Dolezal.
There was also that time she said the "King Louie" character (from the 1967 animated Jungle Book) was a racist caricature, but okay.
Apr 10 venomlash commented on Gorsuch Confirmed.
@24: Her approval rating was low because fringe idiots like you swallowed the Russian/GOP propaganda. Her approval rating as SoS was ~65% when she left that job...and then the VRWC went into high gear when she began running for office again.
Apr 6 venomlash commented on We Asked Seattle Politicians to Respond to Activist Omari Tahir-Garrett's Anti-Semitic and Anti-Asian Remarks.
Black activists demand that we just excuse explicit racism and anti-Semitism among their ranks because black people have had it worse? Wish I could be surprised.
Mar 17 venomlash commented on Matt Hickey Has to Pay $332,000 for His Fake Porn Scam, Judge Rules.
For $300k+ he could have gone to Nevada and actually paid some interested women to act out his slutty-aspiring-pornstar-and-seasoned-industry-veteran fantasy, and still had money left over.
Not to mention, not being (rightly) branded a sexual predator.
Mar 12 venomlash commented on Purim Is Still Important More Than 2,000 Years After Esther.
@9: The Book of Esther is notoriously devoid of miracles, and God is hardly mentioned in it (and plays no overt role in the events).
It's a modern Jewish narrative, in some ways. Instead of being a mighty people ruling the lands promised to us, we're a minority living in a larger multiethnic state that tolerates us to a degree. And instead of God bringing us out of danger with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, it's up to us as men and women to save the day ourselves with only our wits and courage.