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in the past few hours venomlash commented on Colin Powell Says He Will Vote for Hillary Clinton.
@15: um dawg I think you and spunkbutter are on the same side ok yeah
9:48 PM yesterday venomlash commented on Two Thousand Seattle Teachers Wore Black Lives Matter Shirts to Schools.
@60: So are you claiming that the DoJ fabricates their statistics?

But here, I'll play your game. Here are 10 people who were wrongfully killed by police while unarmed and nonviolent in 2015.
Bettie Jones, 55, Chicago, IL
Keith Childress Jr., 23, Las Vegas, NV
Andrew Thomas, 26, Chico, CA
Jeremy Mardis, 6, Marksville, LA
Felix Kumi, 61, Mt. Vernon, NY
Samuel DuBose, 43, Mt. Auburn, OH
Walter Scott, 50, North Charleston, NC
Eric Harris, 44, Tulsa, OK
Anthony Hill, 27, Chamblee, GA
David Kassick, 59, Hummelstown, PA

You've been shown DoJ statistics showing that ~100 unarmed, nonviolent people are killed by police officers each year. (And these statistics come directly from the police, who have no incentive whatsoever to inflate that count.) Skeptical, you asked for 10 examples, and now you have them.
So, are you going to concede the point? Or are you going to move the goalposts again in a pathetic attempt to avoid being proven wrong?
Oct 24 venomlash commented on Two Thousand Seattle Teachers Wore Black Lives Matter Shirts to Schools.
@54: Eric Garner passively resisted arrest; he did not attack the police officers, but rather pulled away from their attempts to cuff him (whereupon they tackled him). Regardless of whether the police committed any crimes in his case, the officer who put him in a chokehold violated department policy in so doing and was parked behind a desk as a result. And finally, the frailty of the victim is not a defense; one is responsible for the injury one inflicts, not the one one intends to inflict (eggshell skull rule).

And more to the point, are you conceding that there are indeed (at the least) ~100 wrongful killings by police officers every year? Or are you claiming that it is justified for police officers to kill suspects who are unarmed and nonviolent?
Oct 24 venomlash commented on The Morning News: Pregnant Muckleshoot Woman Fatally Shot by Deputies, 83 Protesters Arrested at Standing Rock.
Look, facts2supportURpoint is actually correct here. When someone has a gun, the situation can go bad very quickly, beyond what even trained and experienced officers can safely manage. And when mental illness is thrown in, things get even worse.
All the more reason to have special crisis response teams who are trained to deescalate situations involving severe mental illness.
Oct 23 venomlash commented on Two Thousand Seattle Teachers Wore Black Lives Matter Shirts to Schools.
@47: So, are you claiming that the DoJ just fabricates this information?
If someone is unarmed, is killed by a police officer, and is never even accused of any sort of violent crime, what justification is there for the police killing him? Can you answer that?
I've given you plenty of examples. Eric Garner, for one, who was put in an illegal chokehold by a police officer after passively resisting arrest for illegally selling cigarettes. Or Walter Scott, who ran from a routine traffic stop and was shot in the back by a police officer who attempted to plant a weapon on him after the fact.

Your argument seems to be that if you don't read their names and backstories individually, the victims of excessive force don't count. To which I say to you: you are troubled by unemployment figures, yes? Does it matter to you that you do not know the names of everyone who is out of work?
And once more, what is the justification for a peace officer killing someone who was unarmed and not accused or suspected of a crime of violence?
Oct 23 venomlash commented on Future Donald Trump Is a Giant Pastel Robot.
@6: I'm just blown away by the symbolism and themes.
Oct 22 venomlash commented on Two Thousand Seattle Teachers Wore Black Lives Matter Shirts to Schools.
@42: Okay, better put basic reporting of figures on that list of Shit Alleged Doesn't Understand. There's fluctuation; total arrest-related deaths attributable to police homicide vary over the study interval from 375 in 2004 to 497 in 2009. And even if it were exactly 100 such deaths per year every year, IT WOULD BE A DIFFERENT HUNDRED PEOPLE KILLED EACH YEAR, YOU DIMWIT.
So basically, when presented with evidence proving you wrong, your response is to sputter meaningless bullshit. Nice try, you sad little worm.
Oct 22 venomlash commented on Two Thousand Seattle Teachers Wore Black Lives Matter Shirts to Schools.
@36: You insist that there are no ("Zero") cases of people being wrongfully killed by police officers. And then you concede that an example does exist proving you wrong, but because you're asking the question of someone else, you're entitled to just ignore the evidence I've provided you.
But here, let's put this one to bed. Over the 2003-2009 interval, there were about 400 arrest-related deaths per year attributable to homicide by law enforcement. And of those police killings, a full 25% were of people who were not accused of any violent crime (including simple assault). That's 100 people every year who are killed by police officers even though they weren't engaged in any sort of violent conduct. (source)
Any questions?