Feb 4, 2014 MrMyke commented on I Love Television.
It's so cool to be an iconoclast.

Wish I were man enough, just like "WM Steven Humphrey".

Hell, even his name is cooler than mine.

You go, WM Steven Humphrey! You go...and sit around by yourself while the rest of the city parties.

Nov 23, 2013 MrMyke commented on I, Anonymous.
Theory on Weissman's illustration: Two guys in a vehicle with -- yes -- an enormous nutsack hanging off the back. They are angels.

But we need Weissman here -- tell us what the hell this is, if it isn't this.

Is there a reason the guys in the vehicle are shaped like dicks?
Jun 19, 2012 MrMyke commented on Road Trip Through Hell.
One site: BorderlandBeat.com

See it, and be afraid.
Aug 10, 2011 MrMyke commented on She Didn't Do It.
So great to see the "vibrator was a gag gift" piece of BS make a new appearance.

That is my favorite of all the Amanda-denial memes!

C'mon. Just admit the woman owned a vibrator!!! If you are going to Europe to live for a year, are you going to take a "gag gift" with you? When's the last time you kept a gag gift for any length of time, much less took it on a 5,000 mile trip?!

Deal with it: Amanda owned, used and probably quite enjoyed a vibrator. Sheesh.
Dec 14, 2009 MrMyke joined My Stranger Face
Dec 14, 2009 MrMyke commented on She Didn't Do It.
This is a sickening piece of "journalism". No independent investigation; just regurgitation of Knox family talking points -- want proof? This article cites two websites to go to...both bought and paid for by the Knox family.

A REAL journalist would have mentioned the other side...try truejusticeformeredith to see it.

Another example? How about the silly, silly, silly insistence on calling Amanda's vibrator a "gag gift". Please. She took it with her OVERSEAS! When is that last time you got a gag gift and kept it, much less took it with you to Europe? It was a rabbit model...go check Toys in Babeland and you will see these are not "gag gift" priced. AND she kept it with her condom supply.

These are NOT the hallmarks of a gag gift. There is no shame in a young woman using a vibrator, but there is revelation in that fact that the Knox family INSISTS that is was a gag. This shows the whole effort is about PR, not the truth.

Do better Stranger. I am surprised.