Mar 11, 2012 franks commented on Sarah Vowell.
BOOOOORING !!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to pay $32.50 to listen to a speaker say ‘ahem’ , ‘you know’, ‘like’, ‘ah’ non stop this is for you. What was I thinking ?!! What an idiot I am, I could have gone to an Elliot Bay book reading for free and it would have been more compelling. A good story teller can make the State Liquor Board riveting.

If Sarah Vowell was talking about Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney, she would manage maybe one chuckle per hour at best – that is how boring she is. I bet she could not even point out any amusing contradictions those 3 clowns live and breathe.

My wife and I earn less than a King County trash collector, but after 25 minutes we walked out. $65 dollars wasted, and late night babysitting arranged for nothing.
Sep 12, 2010 franks commented on The Buck Stops with Nobody.
056113 very well said !
I highly recommend people to listen to “This American Life” that was broadcast on NPR this past Friday. There was a 40 minute segement about a NY city cop that recorded what his superiors were telling they were supposed to be doing on the street – They are nothing more than a gang of thugs. After listening to this program you will realize our civil rights are only at the pleasure of the police.

I find it baffling when Seattle officials talk about getting more police – for what????? We need less police. They DO NOT prevent crimes. They might show up after a crime has been committed and write a few things down – then leave. With that – why do they need guns? They don’t. This is my suggestion – Any cop cruising the streets cannot have a gun, but back at the precinct sitting by a phone are some cops with guns, and if they get a 911 call that requires guns, they then go to the specific address. When done they are return to their pen. (I would consider that all cops on duty have to simply stay in their pen until a 911 call) Maybe there can be a few small stations scattered through the city to improve proximity but other wise this can be implemented tomorrow. John T Williams would be alive today if this was how police operated.

I work on Lake City way for the past 20 years, and on 125th going down towards Lake City the cops did about 3 – 4 speed traps a year. Now they do about 3-4 a month to generate more revenue (on orders from the previous mayor) Why do they need guns? As city Officials look for more money to hire more cops – again the question is why? Are we overrun with crime? If yes, then why are we committing so much man power to speed traps instead of fighting this supposed crime?
Aug 8, 2010 franks commented on Just Walk Out.
This 'art' project was called 'The long walk' - 13.33 miles a day is not a long walk ( 4 times round Green lake) - only if you are a typical lazy, fat American that circles the Walmart parking lot for 10 minutes looking for the spot by the front door. Blisters? These participants sadly must be those people that spend 16 hrs a day in front of a monitor/ipod/blackberryt/cellphone whether at home or work. When they look up from one of their screens, they are so moved at what they see, it must be ‘ART’ Jen called this stroll an ‘endurance event’ Really ? This is why it was so important to pass universal health care for Americans. This publicly funded art project seems to be what most people (other than Jen) do when they travel to a new city – get a map and walk every where for days – easily covering the monumental 13.33 miles per day –and as Jen described this long walk or the rest of us in a new city – ‘We were not producing anything at our jobs, we were not cleaning our houses or feeding pets and children—we were not living the lives we have made for ourselves,’ Ohhhhhh soooo PROFOUND ! ! !
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Dec 15, 2009 franks commented on She Didn't Do It.
The only reason the Stranger committed so many pages to Amanda Knox is because she is young and pretty. Pathetic. Is the Stranger going to start reporting on single engine plane crashes, and 15 car pile ups happening around the nation?