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  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: Fundamentally flawed Chomskyan syntax with its backwards-branching trees
  • What song do you want played at your funeral?: Sleep Has His House
  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: Smultronst√§llet
Dec 12 aiff commented on Kent Is Filled with Delicious Things from All Over the World.
@1, you answered my question before I even had a chance to ask it -- thank you!
Dec 9 aiff commented on SL Letter of the Day: Short and Long.
I also wonder, if I were to confess, would it be for the best to give an apology gift?

Yes, LW, if you do decide to own up to it, a fruit basket will certainly help soften the blow.
Good-if-not-best guy friends love that shit! :D
Oct 5 aiff commented on What Are You Doing Today? What Are You Doing Tonight?.
According to the FB event, "Poets Reading Plays Written by Poets" is happening not on the eastern shores of Lake Union but at Gallery 1412.
Aug 29 aiff commented on A Master Class in Comedy with the Onion, The Simpsons, and More.
You haven't heard these stories before; the only time I can recall the Onion making their backroom process transparent is the funniest segment of the comedy documentary The Aristocrats.

If you haven't seen it, this C-Span program is worth watching:…
I haven't seen it for 10 years (when I briefly lived in a garage in Ocean Shores, the only time I've ever had cable) but I remember it being great.
Aug 12 aiff commented on Westlake Mall Cop Ignores Agitator, Maces African-American Bystander at Israel Protest.
If he were SPD, I wouldn't hope for justice in my wildest dreams. Since he's just a guard, though, please tell me he can be charged with assault and sent to the slammer.
Jul 30 aiff commented on Swill Recalled.
Just spotted it on the shelf as I was shopping at Grocery Outlet and alerted them to it.
Jul 29 aiff commented on Newly Exhumed Documents Reveal Mark Driscoll's Vision of Our "Pussified Nation".
You know what the problem with "bitter...feministed single mothers" is? Penis envy.
Apr 18 aiff commented on Double Rainbow Connection.
I could see the double rainbow from West Seattle...
Apr 13 aiff commented on The SECB Is Vulgar, Offensive, Impaired.
Walt, I can confidently infer, is of an advanced age that puts him on the other side of a cultural divide that simply *cannot* be crossed by those of us on the younger side of it. It seems that at some point in the not-too-distant past, vulgar English language had some kind of impact or connotation or... well, you'd just have to ask Walt or one of his contemporaries about it!
Apr 10 aiff commented on My Creepy Jams Are Freaking Out My Coworkers.
any thoughts on Current 93's cover? I've always liked this one a lot...…

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