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Jul 20 unknown_entity commented on US Airstrike Kills Scores of Civilians in Syria.
Might want to check what else someone posts on Twitter before you hold them up as worthy of listening to. From https://twitter.com/RaniaKhalek

"Can't believe Dems went with Clinton. She's gonna fuel rightwing populism. Look how wild the crowd goes at the mention of her name"

I believe the term for this is victim blaming.

Jul 20 unknown_entity commented on US Airstrike Kills Scores of Civilians in Syria.
The world won't see wall-to-wall coverage of the 85 civilians accidentally because (tragically) that is a rounding error for the number of civilians intentionally killed by ISIS and Bashar Al-Assad.
Jul 12 unknown_entity commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: South Bi South West.
Fetlife is a good bet.
Jul 8 unknown_entity commented on Science News: The Left and Bernie Sanders Are Unscientific on GMOs, Seattle Is Wet and the Rest of the Country Is on Fire.
Thank you for adding your voice of reason to the GMO debate. Every argument against GMOs I have seen is a PRATT - Point Refuted A Thousand Times. GMO's are safe, glyphosate is less toxic than caffeine and table salt, non-GMO seeds are also patented, Organic crops use pesticides more toxic than conventional, the list goes on and on.
Jul 6 unknown_entity commented on Hillary Clinton Won't Go to Jail, But Will the E-Mail Scandal Hurt Her Chances In November?.
Some phrase about mountains and mole hills seems to apply.
Jun 10 unknown_entity commented on ICYMI: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton.
@7 and 8
Dan Savage likes to point out that when a person declares that all their exes have been crazy and deranged, it is actually the person complaining that is the common denominator.

Apply the same rule to Bernie. The list of progressive leaders and organizations BernieBots have declared traitors to the cause is now MASSIVE. But the the truth is that the BernieBots are the common denominator, the people most likely to betray progressives.
Jun 8 unknown_entity commented on The Audition.
Based on the fact that he misrepresented himself and created fake profiles to manipulate women the third-degree rape charges sound warranted. If that isn't an option, a civil suit should be an option as a case of fraud, similar to the suit over Donald Trump's "university."
But it is the claim of a business opportunity that I think is critical, as merely making false or misleading statements (e.g. stating you are single when you are in fact cheating on a partner) seems like a slippery slope.
Jun 8 unknown_entity commented on Savage Love.
TINY, in addition to Dan's phenomenal explanation of how your shame over your small penis migrated into a kink, here are a couple things I would like to add that might help:
75% of women can't orgasm from P in V alone, requiring additional stimulation from fingers, tongue, or toys to reach orgasm. So using those to get your GF off is not a handicap, it is standard, and if you embrace that fact it borders on being a feature of sex with you.
Discovery of your kinks much later than puberty is actually pretty common, and unraveling how and why you got those kinks can take years. I am about your age and 5 years ago I was at a strip club when a dancer began squeezing her breast causing some droplets of milk to appear. To my surprise I got incredibly turned on by that and now enjoy a certain amount of porn that involves lactation. I still don't know why that turns me on (the taboo of adult breast feeding? The idea that the breasts are "real" or at their prime during lactation?) but I just go with it.
Jun 1 unknown_entity commented on Savage Love.
SHAT's comments is an excellent example of one of the challenges with discussing sex and rape culture. Consent is not a binary of "Spontaneous and enthusiastic" and everything else is sexual assault, consent that is unenthusiastic but uncoerced is still consent.
May 31 unknown_entity commented on Jerry Brown Does Math, Endorses Clinton.
NO!! If I can't have the full loaf Bernie is offering America, I demand we torch the half-loaf Clinton offers and force feed America the four year All-You-Can-Eat buffet of compost filled with broken glass that Trump will bring.