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Aug 24 unknown_entity commented on Hey Bernie Bros, "Revolution" Is Not the Best Way to Structure a Political Movement.
Frustrating but predictable. For all the great ideas and goals in his campaign, a huge part of his popularity was tied to him running as an outsider against "THEM." But people that show up to run against "THEM" don't do well when it comes time to form a movement. They don't compromise, don't make deals, don't accept anything less than exactly what they want, and so their movements either collapse from infighting or are so impotent at decision making they cannot operate effectively.
Aug 23 unknown_entity commented on Seattle's Homeowners Will Not Save the Poor.
Pretty damn good assessment but I see two things to dispute:
1) Treating the hells of Vancouver BC and San Francisco as the only two options is a false dichotomy. Mandating affordable housing in exchange for the ability to build taller buildings is already in place, and adding residency requirements would further keep housing in the hands of people that actually live in Seattle
2) Arguing there is little actual good in home ownership for Americans is ridiculous. At the end of the day, so long as you are able to sell the property for as much as you paid and as much as you spent on upkeep and maintenance (adjusted for inflation), you will come out ahead of where you would be if you rented.
Aug 9 unknown_entity commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Worst Breakup Story Ever.
I have one family member who had a child in a similar situation, and the man has made their lives extremely difficult.

When it came to paying child support he fought them every step of the way. First he refused to pay child support. A trip to court. Then he was always late or short on child support. Another trip to court. Then he tried to hide income by working under the table. Another trip to court. Then he moved back into his mom's basement so he didn't have to pay rent. Another trip to court to force child support to be recalculated to reflect his not paying rent.

Finally, he decided to seek 50-50 custody so that he doesn't have to pay child support, then discovered he could weaponize that by demanding custody at inconvenient times. So if he can't keep the child away on the mother's birthdays, family reunions, or other events, he will have court documents delivered on those days and attempt to have court hearings scheduled to sabotage vacation plans.

Now, my relative was getting to the point where pregnancy was going to be increasingly difficult, and she loves her child dearly, but all the father's BS takes an enormous toll on her emotionally and the financial costs of constantly taking him to court were significant.

If you are younger than 35, I would recommend an abortion, and wait until you find someone who truly wants to be a parent, or you are in a situation to have a child without the prospect for an vengeful ex to create havoc.
Aug 1 unknown_entity commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Just Say No.
Movies lie. Using anesthetic to render someone unconscious is actually pretty tough - hence the fact that there is an entire profession of doctors to do it right (anesthesiologists). On the scale of how strongly a drug is affecting you, unconsciousness is a very narrow space between awake (though dopey) and your heart/lungs shutting down. It is entirely possible that your FWB might dose you to what he thinks is you being unconscious, but is actually you not breathing.
A better (and safer) option would be to substitute unconscious for incapacitated. Basically, smoke pot until you can't see straight, then have your FWB "kidnap" you.
Jul 27 unknown_entity commented on Savage Love.
INTER - Here are my recommendation on your situation:
1) Disclose earlier rather than later. Since you two already know each other and are already flirting, disclose at or around the time the two of you start dating.
2) Disclose using the specific medical condition that applies to you, how it plays out, then explain that it falls under the umbrella term intersex since most people (hetero, LGBTQ) really don't know anything about intersex.
3) Be prepared to answer a lot of questions, some of them inelegantly phrased. Since awareness of intersex issues is where awareness of trans-issues was 5-10 years ago (and gay / lesbian issues) he is likely to hold lots of misconceptions. But take his asking questions as a positive sign that he is in fact chill with it, that he wants to know more and is open to a relationship.
4) Lastly, as Dan likes to say, when you disclose something your partner learns something about you. In turn, their reaction to your disclosure tells you a lot about your partner.
Jul 25 unknown_entity commented on Kshama Sawant Shows Up at the DNC to Tell Bernie Sanders Supporters to Vote for Jill Stein.
In 2000 Ralph Nader and the Green Party gave GW Bush the opening to steal the election. Bush went on to be asleep at the wheel on 9/11, dragged us into Iraq, appointed supreme court justices that made Citizens United the law of the land, restricted voting rights, and those are just the debacles I can think of off the top of my head.
Now Kshama Sawant and the Green Party want a repeat. That's like jumping feet first into a cesspit, finding the firmest pile of S#!T and declaring it the moral high ground.
Jul 20 unknown_entity commented on US Airstrike Kills Scores of Civilians in Syria.
Might want to check what else someone posts on Twitter before you hold them up as worthy of listening to. From https://twitter.com/RaniaKhalek

"Can't believe Dems went with Clinton. She's gonna fuel rightwing populism. Look how wild the crowd goes at the mention of her name"

I believe the term for this is victim blaming.

Jul 20 unknown_entity commented on US Airstrike Kills Scores of Civilians in Syria.
The world won't see wall-to-wall coverage of the 85 civilians accidentally because (tragically) that is a rounding error for the number of civilians intentionally killed by ISIS and Bashar Al-Assad.
Jul 12 unknown_entity commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: South Bi South West.
Fetlife is a good bet.
Jul 8 unknown_entity commented on Science News: The Left and Bernie Sanders Are Unscientific on GMOs, Seattle Is Wet and the Rest of the Country Is on Fire.
Thank you for adding your voice of reason to the GMO debate. Every argument against GMOs I have seen is a PRATT - Point Refuted A Thousand Times. GMO's are safe, glyphosate is less toxic than caffeine and table salt, non-GMO seeds are also patented, Organic crops use pesticides more toxic than conventional, the list goes on and on.