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Nov 30 unknown_entity commented on Savage Love.
GDH, apparently Dan is being a dick this week and just being flippant, so here are the bullet points of what he should have said (as taken from his podcast and other columns)
*Sex toys are awesome and you and your girlfriend should do some exploration
*If a contractor builds a house with a nail gun instead of a hammer we don't say "well he used a power tool so it doesn't count." The same goes for orgasms produced by sex toys
*You will have options to acquire them at your comfort level. If you and your girlfriend are comfortable going to a sex shop then make an event from it. If you want online discretion, babeland.com is great. If obviously phallic objects are unnerving for you, consider the Magic Wand "massage" tool which you can purchase on sex toy sites or even Amazon (note: this is considered the Cadillac of vibrators for women and my gf loves it when I use it on her).
Nov 28 unknown_entity commented on Trump Is Also One of The Losers Benefitting from Fake News.
A major frustration I have is with people creating a false equivalency, claiming liberals and conservatives live in their own equally invalid bubbles. Horse puckey. This is not liberals reading the New York Times and conservatives reading the Wall Street Journal, this is liberals reading the New York Times and conservatives reading Breitbart. The former is one of the best and most reliable sources of information in the world, the latter is white nationalist publication (though that barely scratches the surface of their prejudices). You don't acquiesce to bigotry, you fight it.
Nov 15 unknown_entity commented on Letter to the Editor: From the Desk of a Progressive Who Can Do Math.
We need to make the pitch to white working class voters in the rust belt states. It won't be just about making it easier to join unions, it will require unions to reach out to more women, data entry people, administrative staff, the people that punch a time clock but not for an assembly line.
Nov 4 unknown_entity commented on Rolling Stone Found Liable for Defamation in UVA Rape Story Suit.
There's one other failure of journalism: the willingness to sweep "Jackie's" role in this under the rug. In your own piece "The Rolling Stone Rape Story Correction Is About a Failure of Journalism, Not a Failure of Trust" you cite Vox and point to the line "Jackie said she asked Erdely to be taken out of the story."

And yet a mere two sentences later there is this little tidbit "Jackie said she finally relented and agreed to participate on the condition that she be able to fact check her part of the story, which she said Erdely accepted." Ergo, she still signed off on the factual content of her story.

Furthermore, before the retraction, progressive and feminist organizations were rushing to defend both Erdely and Jackie, stating inconsistencies like Jackie's are common among victims of traumatic sexual assault and that using a single source is common in whistleblowing stories. Here are two of them:



Lastly, Jackie always had a trump card she could have played to prevent RS from publishing her story: Jackie could have admitted she fabricated most, if not all, of the events she described. She could have PROVEN "Drew" didn't exist and that the pictures and text messages were stuff she created. But Jackie did not do so, not wanting to admit that she was a liar. And ignoring that feeds perfectly into the narrative that we should be skeptical of reported rapes.
Oct 24 unknown_entity commented on King County Officers Shot a Pregnant Woman on the Muckleshoot Reservation. Here's What We Know..
We need more info, preferably body cam footage. And since we keep on finding body and dash cam footage contradicting police reports (in this case "She had a handgun") I assume we will find the police once again open fired needlessly.
Oct 12 unknown_entity commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Sonny and Overshare.
Paraphrasing the key line from Dan that everyone with kinks should remember, especially when disclosing them to romantic partners:

The kink, all by itself, isn't the shameful part. How you choose to express or indulge the kink is where you need to think carefully about the effects.
Oct 10 unknown_entity commented on A Black Woman Gets A Warm Welcome from Racist Seattle.
I worked in compliance and fraud detection at a major bank for a while and I can verify that with new accounts all deposits receive extra scrutiny. Whether the check is payroll, personal, or cashiers, or whether it is a cash deposit, there are entire departments that monitor what goes on looking for signs of money laundering or fraud. In my own investigations I would find that a listed business did not exist, or the building the business operated out of had no record of them being there, that the "employee" had been fired months earlier, that someone had cashed a payroll check at a money service business, except the MSB had not deposited the check and had sold it to someone trying to launder money or hide assets, the list goes on and on. 90% of the time it was nothing - the red flags were legitimate but innocent, like here.

That said, this is only one data point. Looking at the patterns of teller reported suspicious activity would provide better info about whether African American customers are flagged more frequently than their white counterparts.
Oct 10 unknown_entity commented on Why Hillary Clinton's Leaked Wall Street Speeches Are Not Relevant, For Now.
Did Obama re-regulate the financial market the way a lot of progressives wanted. No he did not. Did he implement some important re-regulation that has made a future collapse less likely? Yes. Has the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proven itself to be a valuable institution in holding banks accountable? Yes, yes it has.
So please dispense with the false equivalency between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to financial regulation. Worst case scenario, Hillary will maintain Obama's reforms. But with a strong enough mandate and enough votes in the House and Senate she may push aggressively for a solidly progressive platform.
Sep 30 unknown_entity commented on Another Ugly Side of Rape Shown in Local Sighting's Film The Tree Inside.
I'm a little confused by what Charles means by "the rape would have been named and, as a consequence, become public rather than private." Is he saying this was conscious denial rather than the spontaneous brain overloading that is typical in traumatic events?
Sep 23 unknown_entity commented on Is Someone Sabotaging Seattle Cyclists With Upholstery Tacks?.
Seeing as scattering tacks are the preferred method of sabotaging bike lanes in cities across the country it is fair to assume some 'deplorable' is scattering them.