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3:05 PM yesterday unknown_entity commented on I, Anonymous.
Yes, you work for a company where part of the promotion is the fact that riders DO NOT NEED TO TIP. It is not like they hid that part of the arrangement, they aggressively push that point in their promotional material. I do not use Uber for the very fact they treat their employees like shit.
So why don't you quit? Well, I am sure it has something to do with the fact that you alone shouldered all the expense of joining Uber (new expensive car) and are now finding out that Uber's support for its drivers is telling them "Go fuck yourself." So rather than complaining that customers should ignore the promotional material and know that you should be tipped, go demand that Uber add a tipping feature to its app (Note: see previous sentence about Uber's support for its drivers).
Apr 29 unknown_entity commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Great Expectations.
I am surprised you let ME's ex off so easily Dan. Like the asshole that tries to claim that being a BDSM top allows him to ignore safe words, ME's ex was trying to pass emotionally abusive shit off as poly. Responding to "I feel neglected" with '"you're being insecure" is manipulative as fuck, not to mention the unsafe sex practices exposing her to STI's.
Apr 22 unknown_entity commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Blown Apart.
I can say from experience that BJ's are not all they are cracked up to be in movies (porn or mainstream). Teeth just don't feel sexy and there is way less pressure and tightness than a vagina.
So to your gf: give him a hall pass to get a bare-back blow job from a sex worker (preceded by a conference call to planned parenthood about when he should come in for an STD screening after the BJ). That will enable to experience a top notch blow job and result in 1 of 3 outcomes:
1) He will find the reality to be less satisfying than expected and the two of you can have your oral-free relationship
2) He will find it nice but not so great that giving them up as the price of admission is worth it to be with you.
3) He loves it and it proves and the two of you are back where you are right now.
Apr 17 unknown_entity commented on Don't Ignore The Hunting Ground Because of Rolling Stone's Fuckup on the Real Problem of Campus Rape.
I am on the fence in the campus rape discussion (mostly because I look at Men's Rights Advocates think about rape and rape victims and am absolutely HORRIFIED) and the Rolling Stone UVA rape debacle highlights two issues that keep me from leaving the fence to join women's advocates:
1) In the event that a person or someone is wrongly accused, it seems that the accused has to have video evidence from the encounter that proves it was consensual or they have to prove that the accusation itself is fabricated out of whole cloth. Flirty text messages before and after the encounter, subsequent dates, and lengthy socialization after the encounter is not considered evidence of consent or an absence of rape (it gets explained as part of the coping/trauma)
2) That women's advocates, like in this article, are trying to pin ALL the blame on Rolling Stone, ignoring the fact that Jackie made a false accusation (an event we are told is so rare that they should be considered a non-issue). Furthermore, many of the failings of RS seem to stem precisely from what advocates are telling institutions to do - don't press the victim to clear up inconsistencies, accept a lower standard of evidence, etc. So once advocates efforts blew up in their faces, they decided to throw the person receptive to their message under the bus, as opposed to the person who made the false accusation.

Other people's thoughts are greatly appreciated.
Apr 13 unknown_entity commented on I, Anonymous.
I am a white male and I have had to call the police a few times in my life. Sometimes it was because I saw fights break out, another was because some people wandered into my apartment complex drinking 40oz malt liquor. The police responded quickly and professionally.
I have also had the police called on me over a disputed transaction at a gas station. Again, the police arrived promptly and acted professionally as the dispute was sorted out.
The problem with police is not with policing in and of itself, the problem is that they do not extend the same level of professionalism and regard for my safety to minorities.
Spray painting "FUCK COPS" on buildings only forces the owner of the buildings to shell out money to fix the vandalism and gives the police a legitimate reason to feel that there is a contingent of people out there who will harass and threaten them simply because they are police officers.
The vandal can do to himself what he said the police should do.
Apr 9 unknown_entity commented on Seattle Is Not Beautiful.
Apr 8 unknown_entity commented on CNN Freaks Out over Gloria Steinem’s Participation in North Korean-Sanctioned Peace March.
I initially assumed this must be Charles Muede given its "North Korea is unfairly maligned" theme, but apparently he has a protege.

So here are some things Kathleen remains ignorant of:
1) North Korea insists that the reunification be on its terms with Kim Jong Un as the leader of the entire peninsula. So the idea that reunification would mean North Korea is integrated into South Korea is ludicrous, and the idea their support of the march are "green shoots" of reform is laughable.
2) As pointed out by Frontline, Kim Jong Un is systematically purging members of the North Korean leadership he feels are too reform oriented.
3) South Korea is wary of reunification with the North. Look at how the reunification of East and West Germany had gone: extremely expensive and large animosities still remain. Depending on whether you see the division as beginning with the Cold War or the construction of the Berlin Wall, they had 20 to 40 years of division with the East controlled by a semi-competent government.
The Korean Peninsula has been divided for nearly 60 years, with the North governed by a batshit-barking-at-the-moon crazy family dynasty. The only people that have strong family connections on both sides are in their 80's and South Korea is over 50 times more prosperous than the North. Right now, many people in the South view reunification with the North with the same enthusiasm as Republicans view a unification of the US with Mexico.
Apr 6 unknown_entity commented on Garissa Exposes the Racism at the Heart of the Paris March.
In the aftermath of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner killings, the right wing a-holes immediately declared African Americans to be racist because they had not been previously protesting "black-on-black" murders with the same vigor.

Reading Charles' post today, I can't help but think that with a few changes (e.g. swap Benjamin Netanyahu with Al Sharpton, Paris with Ferguson, "I'm Charlie" with "I can't breathe"), it would look like a quotation from Rush Limbaugh.

Apr 2 unknown_entity commented on Racism Has Nothing to Do with Capitalism.
I am starting to think Charles is starting to pull analyses from
Mar 24 unknown_entity commented on Alison Stevenson Won't Suck Your Dick.
Spot on Dan. Ms. Stevens is apparently still in high school when it comes to her thoughts about sex (i.e. oral isn't sex) and pretty damn self important when it comes to her unqualified "I refuse to blow him/I insist that he eat me." She is simply lucky to have found a unicorn that gets off on eating her out but wants nothing in return, not even a friendship. If she wants to step down from her pedestal, she should acknowledge that to maintain her "he must eat me" requirement she may have to modify "no bj's" to "I will get him off another way."

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