Dec 20, 2013 Pmasp commented on NYC's Footprint Is Huge.
Am I really the only person who notices how wrong this is, or am I reading it wrong? Look at Chicago & Beijing... Chicago is less than 1/2 the size of Beijing, but takes up twice its size on this graphic.
Oct 15, 2013 Pmasp commented on You Should Watch These Blockbuster Video Training Films from 1990.
Mar 21, 2013 Pmasp commented on Teabagger Wisdom for Children.
“In fact, he developed a taste for charred bills … dollar bills." WHOA didn't see that coming. What incredible wordplay. I thought he was talking about oh i don't know duck bills? but kids LOVE that kind of wit.
Mar 8, 2013 Pmasp commented on Here's One of My Punk Stories, Now Share Yours.
I started out a small town boy (like the song goes) interested in the shrapnel of English punk like The Cure & Depeche Mode. What my friends liked then got really boring really fast, in a little bubble of time when alternative music was R.E.M, 10,000 Maniacs & Edie Brickell with New Bohemians. Metal was a joke at the time, Cinderella & Poison ruled.
Looking for something infinitely more offensive, not to mention some rhythm, I was drawn in by Dead Kennedys' music, name, and the album cover to In God We Trust, Inc. Winston Smith placed our savior Jesus Christ crucified on a cross of cold cash. The album was only about 15 minutes long, so the cassette version said "home taping is killing the record industry, therefore we have left the other side blank for your enjoyment".
The religious blasphemies that initially caused me anxiety in Crass & DK (even DM) cracked a little hole in my young Catholic shell that ultimately freed me from that slavery. So thanks to you, Jello Biafra!
Mar 5, 2013 Pmasp commented on Carly Rae Jepsen Cancels on the Boy Scouts Because of Their Anti-Gay Policies.
@4) Stop talking to yourself!
Feb 8, 2013 Pmasp commented on New Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: The NSFW Video.
Also... they make Nick Cave Dolls now?

.... I WANT ONE!
Jan 24, 2013 Pmasp commented on Dammit, Paul, I Was Writing About The New Star Wars.
Todd Haynes!
Jan 21, 2013 Pmasp commented on The Return of the Sonics Looks Like a Done Deal.
Dec 31, 2012 Pmasp commented on Saturday Morning News: Fake Undercover Cops, WiFi in the Sky, and Jay Inlsee.
oh no a fake undercover cop! not like the real undercover cops who'll slam your head into the side of the Cinerama and leave you a vegetable breathing through a tube the rest of your life?
Dec 29, 2012 Pmasp commented on WHO IS THIS? Legends Edition .
MUDHO--! aw shit