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Dec 4, 2014 mlb commented on SL Letter of the Day: Two Graves, One Book.
Sometimes, when something has really pissed me off, like when someone is WRONG on the INTERNET, I write up a long and detailed reply explaining precisely how utterly wrong they are, how only an dangerously fascist idiot would think that way, and obviously this over here is the correct solution, all filled with witty comments to demonstrate my superior intelligence and moral character, along with 27 8 x 10 colored glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was.

And then I delete it. That way I got the cathartic experience of doing the dump, but I avoid the inevitable fallout that comes from being a self-righteous, sanctimonious asshole.

Do that. You have the book already made, which I hope gave you some sense of angry ownership of your situation. Now just hold onto it. Poke through it every now and then when you need some self-righteous rage to get through the moment. And when you've given yourself closure; when you've moved on, destroy that thing. Pour yourself a tall glass of wine, head into the backyard or a park or the beach or wherever with a couple of friends who were with you through the whole thing, and just immolate it.

Revenge fantasies rarely if ever don't come with some regrettable blowback. Part of healing often comes from knowing that you were the better person in a situation. Do your future, more healthy self a favor and put an end to the escalations as early as possible.
Nov 22, 2014 mlb commented on The Time I Spent Nine Hours in Jail.
The next time the author bumps into Dan Savage in the hallowed halls of The Stranger, she should ask him for a definition of "How'd that happen?". Because this article just drips with it.

It must be nice to get all the way to age 29 before finally getting the basic life lesson that actions have consequences.
Aug 21, 2014 mlb commented on St. Louis Police Killed Kajieme Powell in a Barrage of Bullets.
In no way am I defending the cops here, but if you're going to shoot, you don't shoot for the arms or legs. That's movie myth bullshit. You shoot for the torso. Aiming for limbs is much more difficult; they're too small and they move too quickly to get a steady aim. You're more likely to hit a bystander. If you're going to shoot, you shoot to kill.

That's why cops should never, ever actually shoot unless they really, really need to; unless all other options are off the table. Which increasingly doesn't seem to be the case.
Aug 11, 2014 mlb commented on Christian Mingle: The Movie.
There's gotta be a drinking game in here somewhere.
Jun 4, 2014 mlb commented on In Defense of Maureen Dowd Getting Too High and Writing About It.
I'll chime in on this as well. I'm experienced enough with acid and MDMA and mushrooms and the like, but the most FUCKED UP I've ever been was when I simply ate too much of a weed cookie. OMFG. It was completely unpleasant, and it lasted for hours and hours. To this day, just looking at an edible makes my stomach lurch.

So I'll join the throng of people who back up Ms. Dowd's experience, and that proper dosing is everything.
Apr 17, 2014 mlb commented on Eight Million People Signed Up for Obamacare.
It's just another example of unconstitutional federal overreach. There's nothing in the interstate commerce clause that covers babies that are raised, slaughtered and sold within a single state.
Mar 18, 2014 mlb commented on How Many Americans Support Themselves on Less Than $10.10 an Hour?.
@1: If we all agree with you and acknowledge that it's entirely her fault, can we now move on and also acknowledge that society as a whole can benefit from helping her improve her life?

Or are you just one of those types that likes to lord over other people's misfortune?
Mar 10, 2014 mlb commented on Opportunistic Political-Switch-Hitting Closet Case... Or America's Best Democrat?.
@12: My girlfriend was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer the same day Obamacare became law. Although she has a great, supportive employer now, she's still looking at a life of having to deal with insurance coverage should that ever change. Before Obamacare, with the scarlet C on her health record she would have to live in fear of ever being able to get even basic health care without bankrupting herself. Now, she knows that she has a reasonable expectation of care regardless of her employment situation.

Try arguing that isn't a better situation for her and we'll laugh in your face.

ACA ain't the bee's knees, and it's not what we should have gotten. But step out of the lefty ivory tower for a moment and look that the practical reality. The ACA was a positive, practical, achievable step forward, hopefully followed by more steps forward in the years ahead. Rather than shitting on the progress that was made, consider accepting it as a start and working on the next steps.
Jan 19, 2014 mlb commented on A Douche In the Life.
This commercial also acts as through douche is the only person with those glasses, and no one else has ever even heard of them. It's the ultimate douche fantasy, the idea that he's got some advantage that no one else has. The reality is that everyone will have similar technology available, so douche wound't be fooling anybody. That bartender would just collect his tips and file his face away in her AR system as yet another creeper.

Personally, I can't wait for augmented reality. As someone who is terrible about matching faces to names, I'd love to have something that can remind me someone's name when I see them. But the rest of the bio/dossier stuff is just creepy.

Also, I want the feature that paints crosshairs around people's heads and writes "target acquired" at the bottom of my field of vision. That would make meetings much more tolerable.

I wonder if that Cabernet Blanc had a faint note of roofie.

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