Aug 25 mlb commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Little History Lesson....
Worth watching:
Monica Lewinski's TED talk…

Also, a really interesting book on the subject of Internet shaming:…
Jul 31 mlb commented on Jason Bourne: Punching and Chasing, Part Five.
I've been collectively calling the Jason Bourne movies "The Bourne Redundancy"

The first one was good. The rest of the series have been tired rehashes.
Jun 20 mlb commented on How the Internet Turned Us All Into the Audience on Jerry Springer.
As far as Trash TV goes, Jerry Springer ain't got nothing on Morton Downey, Jr.

May 21 mlb commented on How the Continuation of the Bernie Sanders Campaign Hurts the Chances of a Democrat-Controlled Senate.
mfg5000: you forgot: I would never support someone so politically craven that, after refusing to join the Democratic Party for his entire career, suddenly expects the party to ignore all that and pony up a billion dollars or more to fund his vanity campaign for the White House. If you're going to be a socialist, that's just fine. But be consistent - turn to one of the many socialist parties that apparently better reflects your values rather than party shopping for one that has deeper pockets.

If i came down to it, I'd vote for him over Trump, but I wouldn't be happy about it. I've been saying for months now - Sanders is basically Trump of the left. Just as credible, just as ego-driven, and perhaps only a smidge more qualified.
May 10 mlb commented on Um, Budweiser Is Changing Its Name to "America" This Summer.
It's got electrolytes.
Apr 15 mlb commented on The Morning News: Islamophobia in Seattle Suburb, Realtors Project the Future of the City Skyline.
After spending a few weeks in Turkey, I kinda wish we started having call to prayer here in the US. It's beautiful to hear (at least when your Imam has a good voice); far prettier than any church bells I've ever heard.
Mar 10 mlb commented on Another Group of Neighbors Fighting an Apartment Building Because It's "Out of Scale".
Once upon a time, when we lived in an upstairs apartment but indulged our cats to go outside, I built a cat ladder out one of the windows to let them in and out of our apartment. It worked great for them, and gave them a perch from which they could survey their domain.

Prince Tugboat's parents are going to have to suck it up and get creative.
Feb 23 mlb commented on Bus Ad in Los Angeles.
11: No, we'll buy them from the cheapest source that satisfies our safety and quality standards. The midwest, china, whomever will provide. We'll use our collective economic might, and give no heed to the impact on the heartland of the results of our decision. Because we can, and fuck them.
Feb 1 mlb commented on The Iowa Caucuses Are Tonight.
16 years ago? Don't you mean 12?
Jan 8 mlb commented on The Economics of The Big Short, a Film You Must Not Miss.
An even more likely conclusion: there was a book already, conveniently titled "The Big Short", that tells the story in a compelling manner. Huh.

No "the man is burying from the marxist perspective" conspiracy theory needed.