Jan 11, 2013 uujew? commented on What Progressives Need to Understand About Gun Control.
Very smart advice. Really made me pause, breathe and think. Thank you, Ed.
Aug 10, 2011 uujew? commented on I Would Like You to Know My Name.
Jennifer -- I too am a survivor (Jewish Federation shooting of July, '08). Your story rings like a pure series of belltones; I feel like you read my own mind as you wrote. Funny the heroes we share: Diane Priest, my advocate; Seattle police detectives Dana Duffy and Dave Duty, my truth seekers. They are truly wonderful people, aren't they?!

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Dec 20, 2009 uujew? commented on Jews and Unitarians Conspire to Ruin Garrison Keillor's Christmas.
He's doing what Stephen Colbert does every Monday-Thursday on The Colbert Report...mocking the people who would say these things and actually mean them, except that they never quite say so blatantly what it's obvious they're thinking. Keillor's mockery is by way of kind of asking "What's that? I didn't quite hear you...here, let me turn up the volume a little...oh, that's what I thought you were saying, but I wasn't sure." He's exposing it and they what what and who they are. I get it. I love it. As a Unitarian who was shot because she was taken for a Jew, that is.